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Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:10
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- I do believe that polar bears are endangered as a species. The main reason for this is that their number or population is decreasing drastically. Moreover there is a threat to their species itself due to global warming. Wildlife is an extremely important part of the ecology and crucial for the purpose of maintaining environmental balance. In case of there being human intervention it leads to a disruption in the environment and in wildlife. The main impact of global warming on the community and culture is that it is leading to health issues and higher levels of pollution. Moreover as the glaciers melt it is causing the arctic region to be flooded with water and human existence becoming impossible in this region. Nature has conditioned the earth in such a manner that it is capable of maintaining its temperature at the natural level (Cruse, 2004). But human intervention and human activities as well as carelessness is causing severe distress to the environment. All of this is greatly impacting the quality of the environment and life. Man is facing severe environmental and respiratory disorders and diseases. All of this leads to a detrimental impact on several crops and agriculture and wildlife as well. It is important that various measures are taken for protecting the polar bears and only then it is possible to create an effective level of balance in the ecosystem. Today every individual every living thing is facing environmental issues either through air, water, de forestation, population explosion, etc. (Cruse, 2004). These have been the major reasons for causing environmental issues.
- Polar bear, like any other animal or species leads to balance in the ecosystem. Endangering them can lead to losses of environment stability which impacts USA as well as the world. In this way it affects humanity as well. Chemicals like Oestrogen disrupt the hormonal balance in wildlife and this leads to problems like impact on the reproduction systems of these animals. It becomes essential that such intervention of humans be restricted in order to ensure balance in the ecology. It also leads to disruption of mankind as well. Oestrogen Disruptors and Wildlife fertility is of great importance in ecological balance. The potential affect of global warming on the community is that it can lead to severe disasters and floods in the arctic region which will lead to wiping off of mankind and human life as well as life of any kind in this region. The melting of glaciers is mainly due to the disturbed natural environment which is not acceptable to the environment for balance (Hamilton, 2002).
It is essential that wildlife be restored. “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way” – I completely agree to this. Animals have a great role to play in the ecology. Killing animals to eat, in spite of having so much of vegetarian food being available and knowing that an animal needs to go through tremendous pain and torment while being killed, it becomes crucial that there be appropriate levels of restrictions on such acts, especially where they are not being killed in a painless manner (Beck, 2002).
- It is important that humanity act to save the polar bear. This is required because it is essential for humanity and its existence in the long term. Wildlife should be well restored. . Extinction of several species of these animals results in the destruction of the ecology. These days Air pollution has become a major problem especially in the cities and its leading to various problems in lungs and other health issues which is spreading and becoming common. Extinction of wildlife species will result in further intensification of these problems. Forests / tress have always proved to be an important thing for an environment as it keeps the environment fresh, clean also provides a healthy environment. They have moderate influence against floods and also help in preventing from soil erosion. They also play an important role in enhancing the quality of the environment which further helps in influencing the life support system and also the ecological balance, therefore it is very necessary for every human being to stop deforestation and start afforestation in order to have a healthy environment. Wearing of fur and leather makes it essential that animals be hunted, poached and illegally killed which leads to loss of balance in the economy (Heinrich and Wichmann, 2011). Moreover it is also essential that there not be usage of animals for experiment and entertainment. In this manner they should not be caged and tortured for our benefits. They have also been known for having feelings. So it is wrong to take their life away for entertainment or mistreat them in places like circus. They should be well protected and nourished in their natural environments so that they can develop and help maintain the natural ecological balance (Heinrich and Wichmann, 2011).
- Yes, the polar bear can be saved. It requires several actions including environment protection and ensuring all measures against poaching of polar bears. Industrial revolution, population explosion and nuclear wars are events not expected by nature and it doesn’t seem as if nature is ready to support all of these. Nature is overloaded with work more than it can handle. This leads to faster wearing off of nature. “Innovation has increased the productivity of natural resources. Yet, restoring natural resources and protecting the environment has become a major challenge for the world. These factors make it essential that there be a reduction in chemical imbalances in the environment so that it is possible to ensure better wildlife fertility. One of the major causes of global warming is air pollution. The potential ecological effects of air pollution are extremely high. It has led to global warming and melting of ice at the poles (Keyfitz, 1991). There are proclamations that if air pollution as well as other forms of pollution from factories, industrialization, vehicles and automobiles, nuclear wars and such disasters by humans continues at the rate at which it exists then the world will soon come to an end. Hence it is recommended that these forms of air pollution be stopped or controlled. Only then wildlife can be protected. We even without giving a second thought are polluting the air and water, consuming the same resources, tearing down the natural habitats, introducing certain species into certain areas where they don’t belong at all and destroy the whole eco systems to the point which is leading problem and causing millions of species into danger and going to an extent of those species being extent. Various efforts are being taken to avoid killing the animals and to avoid deforestation and encourage afforestation and also taking care of the global warming but the country and the world has to do something to avoid the population growth (Keyfitz, 1991). The things that we can see around and all the living and non living things around us which are naturally found are known as Environment.
- Yes, more should be done now. Environment protection is possible. Whether we accept this fact or not it’s the population explosion, it is we who are causing major problem with this environment and it’s so rapid that we are getting bigger every minute. This needs to be resolved in order to make sure that there be appropriate levels of balance in the environment so that it is possible to bring in an environmental balance which helps ensure proper wildlife balance as well. It becomes crucial to create an effective level of balance among the various elements of the ecology (Cruse, 2004). Global warming is one major environmental problem that is depleting the environment. Global warming is really big a problem. There have been several studies and analysis stating that global warming has caused climate changes and is soon going to make the earth unfit for life, thus bringing an end to the world. Several attempts have been made to reduce global warming by controlling air pollution and several other environmental protection measures (Cruse, 2004). It is important to reduce air pollution to the maximum possible level.
- The economic and non economic benefits of saving the polar bear would definitely exceed the costs. Natural resources are crucial to the existence of life. A disrupt in the balance of nature threatens existence of life itself. Change in weather, temperature and quality of natural resources is the result of mans’ abuse towards nature. It is probably very late a realization that nature needs to be maintained in order to maintain the quality of life. . Nature has conditioned the earth in such a manner that it is capable of maintaining its temperature at the natural level. But human intervention and human activities as well as carelessness is causing severe distress to the environment. All of this is greatly impacting the quality of the environment and life (Kascherkarsten, 1997). Man is facing severe environmental and respiratory disorders and diseases. All of this leads to a detrimental impact on several crops and agriculture as well. Environmental restrictions cannot be implemented with a single perspective of environment protection. Business and commerce also need to be supported. Policies have to be formulated and implemented in a way that they do justice to every stakeholder and conditions are optimized. It is also highly essential that the principle of utilitarianism is used and the welfare or interest of the larger group of population should be seriously considered. It is also the right of the people to get a better quality of life and the duty of the Federal government to provide clean air and also to implement the clean air act in its true spirit. It is almost impossible to restore the original quality of nature, but maintaining whatever exists is now crucial more than ever before. Damage repair is not possible but preventing further damage has become a prime objective of not just environmentalists and nature lovers, but of leaders of nations and global organizations (Birrell and Healy, 2009).
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