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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:56
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Choosing Between Expedia.Com or Orbitz.Com
“Time waits for no man.” Such is the basic tenet of time management. Effective employee management calls for effective management of time by the staff. One of the ways in which time is, usually, lost is via travelling. The time spent transiting from home to work and/or to different destinations for official duties is quite significant. When not addressed, the time lost has the potential of culminating in reduced performance. Effective time management can enhance, significantly, the productivity of the staff and subsequently the firm.
Numerous companies have started to offer travel packages specially suited for employees. Such services aid in effective time management. However, it is vital to understand that these travel services have to be cost effective. Meeting this goal of cost effectiveness has become rather problematic to firms. Merging the need for quality and cost-effectiveness has instigated the need for the proposed research undertaking. Mismanagement of time has the capacity of impeding all the efforts towards quality management and subsequently maximization of output (Forsyth, 34). On the other hand, when cost of operations is not given attention, the profit margins will dwindle to the point of being unable to meet the set goals of the organization. As such, it is clear the effective time management and cost-effective operation are pertinent to the success of a business.
Focus is on either Expedia.Com or Orbitz.Com. Both of these websites offer quality travel to the employees. In addition to this, they are also cost-friendly thus meeting the criteria that have been set above. However, there is a need to examine on which of these websites offers the best services in terms of both quality and cost. As such, the findings of the research undertaking will be factored in during decision making by the management team regarding the travel website to use. The intent is to use a website that will aid in effective time management and meet the goal of cost-effective operation.
Research methods
Two websites will be under investigation. As such, the research method that will be employed will be quantitative. The two websites will be analyzed in terms cost and quality separately. The goal is to identify the website that offers the best mix of quality and cost-effectiveness. As such, about cost, focus will be on the website that costs in a friendly way. On the other hand, about quality, focus is on the dependability of the service to aid in effective time management.
The qualifications that I have for this study are hinged on my experience and skill in conducting field research. The research skills that I have developed up to this point will inform my research process thus culminating in the success of the research. In addition to this, I have a deep understanding of the dynamics of management. As such, I will be able to determine the appropriate mix between service qualities and cost thus introducing an element of expertise in the study.
The research undertaking will first entail an analysis of the quality of the services offered by both of the services. As has been reiterated herein, the variable of quality is in reference to the dependability of the service. The second stage will entail an analysis of the price plans for the two websites. The goal is to identify the website that offer the best mix between quality and cost.
In arriving at the choice of website that offers the best mix of quality and cost-effective service, the results of the research undertaking will be used to inform management decisions concerning effective management. In the absence of such a research undertaking, businesses will have to contend with otherwise mediocre travelling solutions. It is not yet apparent as to which is the best website to use. However, with such a study, decisions made by the management teams regarding travel will be informed by the study findings.
Forsyth, Patrick. Successful Time Management. London: Kogan Page Publishers, 2013.

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