Good Book Review On Leadership Principles

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:58
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The book by James Hunter addresses fundamental principles needed for leadership. It is emphasized that to lead is never becoming the boss. Servant leadership is a robust, an innovative concept which may have a significant influence in the restaurant performance. As a servant leader in a restaurant, it is feasible to turn from boss and manager to mentor and coach. This helps in determining the mission, standards, values and accountability within the premise. Servant leaders never take a vote or take a poll regarding critical leadership fundamentals. Servant leader can always turn the restaurant structure upside down, provided the critical leadership fundamentals are in place. The focus should be on offering workers within a restaurant everything they require to succeed, be it resources, guidance, time or inspiration. Servant leaders understand that providing for employees and engaging minds and hearts cultivate a workforce which understands the merits of struggling for the restaurant’s greater good. The weight is on creating authority, and not power; on putting forth influence, and not intimidation (Hunter 141-148).
Effective leaders must hold themselves as well as others accountable (Hunter 145). Leaders should create and keep high standards for a program. The conduct of players or workers when things are not working their way is significant. How the restaurant and its leadership are represented by employees is crucial. Therefore, as a leader when employees do not satisfy the standards of the restaurant, they must be reminded, encouraged, and compelled to perform. Allowing the group standards slip as well as erode can cause problems for the success of the restaurant and discourage other employees who do the correct things to get driven away with time.
Within the restaurant employees should become a part of concerned community. Great groups are like family or united community. They do not normally agree with each other, although they care for one another. They stick up and support one another through thin and thick for the success of the business.
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Hunter, James C. The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader. New York: Crown Business, 2008. Print.

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