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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:42
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We are living in a fast paced world that at times brings a toll into our ability to stay still and find silence. Yes, silence is a powerful tool for artists because it allows them to internalize with their self and their environment. Their creativity is dependent on their ability to visualize amidst the chaotic noises of civilization. Cheryl Hooks works are constant reminders of the endless possibilities provided by serenity. Her works like Megan in Italy and Fish Pond, Marm Family Home shows the gentle flow of colors through her canvas. The colors used in the masterpieces appear to be flowing. The warmth and coldness of the colors she selected can also be felt by simply looking at the artworks. Her painting of the Dragon Fly was striking because the subject was a simple dragonfly, but due to her brilliance she was able to turn into something visually appealing. The author kept on repeating the words, ‘learn to be silent, learn to be still,’ the artist shares to the world the secret of her beautiful creations.
Environmental factors and the mindset of the artist are as vital as the materials she used in the paintings. Through her silence and stillness she was able to translate the fluidity of art into masterpieces. She is truly inspiring because of her ability to convert simple things into unforgettable sensory experience. Her creations not only appeal to the eyes of her audience but as well as to their innate feelings. While looking at her painting the audience are grab into the artist’s own world of silence and stillness. The beauty of her works lies in their ability ro touch the purest of human emotion. The colors she used draws people into the sincerity of the story she is trying to share with her audience. Her art is a unique way for her to share her world and emotions to people.

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