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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:48
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People have guns for their own protection. The guns in private hands are mainly used for protection in their home states. The firearms are categorized into three; handguns, rifles, and shotguns. These firearms when in hands of people, who are not careful or those who lack adequate skills, will cause damage to the society. Many deaths have been reported all over the world due to inappropriate use of firearms. On the other hand, many have argued that, when confronted, they use the guns for self-defense.
Public shootings have also been on the rise and this has attracted many movements of proper and adequate control over use of the guns. The shooting that took place in columbine High School strengthen the fight against use of guns inappropriately. Most deaths reported as a result of use of guns has been done by the civilians who are licensed to own guns. These are giving a rise in people dying, worse of it all, children. Innocent children die from guns either at homes or in schools. Most cases are public shootings done by persons who have lost control of their emotions and anger. There have been many cases of children being shot by strangers in the public due to their own frustrations. Others come to experiment on how a gun really works when its strike. People need to be extra careful and vigilant on people with criminal records so that any gun in their possession is confiscated.
Problems of gun control
Gun crimes being committed across the world is on the rise. Any violent crime always ends up having a gun related injuries or deaths. Criminals will always have the guns hence crime rate will go up. The criminals due to the rights to own a gun may obtain it and use it to do bad things. Many people, who end up being frustrated over an issue, will definitely use the gun to kill one or others. The rising cases of homicides explain this matter. Most homicides are gun related. A high percentage of such homicides are people who are licensed to own a gun. The right to a gun does not necessarily mean you can do whatever you want with it even taking the life of your family members.
Most parents, who are licensed, do not keep the guns appropriately in a way that children can’t access it easily. Kids when they get hold of a gun can cause a lot of damage including hurting oneself or other members in the family. The children may want to see how a gun really works as compared to the toys they normally play with all the time. Children may want to have a reality interaction with the gun hence casualties may be experienced due this fact (Young 43).
The other problem with gun rights is a crime victim with a licensed gun. Such a person may on a higher percentage be hurt or killed than someone who is not armed. When criminals invade a place where people are, then a person who is licensed and armed will definitely want to protect oneself from the criminals. This act of self-defense in such a scenario is dangerous since the thugs will always perceived the private person as a cop hence becoming their target. The criminals would want to kill whoever comes on their way especially those with guns.
Gun rights have witnessed many cases of suicides and passionate delinquencies. This is due to the availability of the gun hence solving the person’s immediate need that could have been eliminated if the gun was not accessible. Suicide cases are on the rise as well with gun use. People find it easier and fast way to die is to use their guns. This cut across civilians, and the military personnel. Others do commit passionate crimes in the name of a misunderstanding with their own spouses or friends. Love triangles account for the high percentage of such deaths of people and they are even willing to face murder charges. This is a major challenge given that the person is licensed.
Most gun rights amendments made targets the militia. This has been done not targeting the individuals. Individuals can be the militia as well. The militia on their side will always keep track of person licensed hence they can easily get hold of these guns and use them to commit crime (Kevin 51).
Gun right worsens crimes that could have been limited. Any crime that is being committed can have it on extreme situations, but when a gun is involved, and then it’s so dangerous. It’s a nasty occurrence and many people will be left death, injured or traumatized. Issues surrounding terrorism among other current issues have made use of guns dangerously. These things happen in the open and when others see that, and then they can easily commit crime as well.
All guns should be registered. Any individual with a gun need to have all his details with the gun licensing authority. The person’s details should include residential area, type of job done, and how many people does he stay with in the house. The registration should be in detailed such that the movements of the person as well can be easily be traced. This will enable such licensed personnel to be monitored and vigilant on all their activities.
The guns and bullets issued to individuals should be serialized. This enables tracking of any shooting that has taken place to the rightful owner of the gun. Any bullet used can be traced to the gun that was used. The serialization should be attached to persons issued with the guns and ammunitions. People will therefore be careful on how they use it and how to protect the gun and ammunitions from falling in the hands of criminals. This is a strict legislation that should be made to avoid any unnecessary shootings.
The people licensed should at all times keep account of all the bullets issued per the serial numbers. This way, it promotes responsibility on owning and using the gun. The main issue is responsibility, and in this case misuse of guns will be minimized if not eliminated.
Trainings should also be adequate on persons seeking to be licensed. They should get training on how to use the gun, disable it and even safely storing without inflicting any injury to the users or other persons. They should undergo cross examinations on their abilities to relate well with the gun given intense domestic misunderstandings. Most people when in a domestic quarrels may end up using the gun either to threaten the spouse, children or other relatives. This ends up traumatizing others and even he may give a bad impression to the entire family. People should be checked mentally on their think when they have the gun and terribly upset with the close members of the family. Others need to go test oh using the gun when drunk. Some people when they drink end up misusing the gun. This should be discouraged by adequate training and in depth cross examination.
Training also should cover responding to a crime related incidences so as to avoid putting their life in danger. A person needs to know all tactics used by thugs before responding or withdrawing his gun for self-defense. People also should keep their guns well away from the children. Many children have been killed by guns which are not kept well by their parents. Such deaths are preventable and people should not just sit and watch as their children kill each other with a weapon they brought home (Fisanick 39).
Another intense solution is to fully ban the licensing of individuals to own a gun. This is a good measure that will only see the security personnel who are strictly on duty have a gun. In this course of action, there will be no unnecessary shootings as being witnessed of late. The security personnel are at a better position of using the guns well. They know when and how to use it will minimal casualties. The worries of the society on insecurity should be settled by stabilizing insecurity. Alarms and panic button should be installed in all the houses for families to utilize them when under any duress.
The people selling the guns should be heavily restricted to government agents only. This will make possession of any form of gun illegal and a crime against the citizens. Such laws ensure that people know the consequences of being found in possession of a gun or bullets. The government should also guard its borders and check well people entering or all the goods being moved into the state to avowing smuggling in dangerous weapons. Citizens also need to be alert on any suspicious individuals who use the guns yet they have no authority to do so.
In conclusion, guns are just tools that people can use to kill or harm others. We can say killing is an act from an individual who is passionate with it or have desired to do. The same person could have used anything to kill or harm another person without a gun. This therefore, means there are other things that make a person want to kill, it’s not the gun killing. Our cultures and media need to be highly controlled in order to eliminate chances of people learning a concept of use of a gun to kill. People need to be educated accordingly on having values that prohibit killing of an enemy but to know that courts have room for justice to be served. The society is at danger of licensing guns to individuals since there are deaths which could have been avoided if guns were not in hands of individuals. The right to own a gun should be highly restricted.
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