Good Argumentative Essay On All Citizens Should Be Required By Law To Vote

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:02
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Exercising the right to vote is one of the people’s privileges as citizens of the country. It is an act of including themselves to many citizens who want their individual voice be heard in the form of having their votes be counted during the election. Voting is a decision regarding people’s nomination of a person, who will represent on their behalf about a wide range of social issues. Some citizens, however, are not exercising their right to vote, which at some point, a waste of opportunity given as a registered voter of this country. In this writing, an argument about why some other registered citizens are not participating during the election will be discussed along with their own reasons behind their claims. On the other hand, this writing claimed that a law must require all citizens to vote so as to be more responsible for the society’s future political progress and development.
Law Should Require Citizens to Vote
Voting must be an obligatory duty of registered citizens. This is practice will help achieving the right number of turnouts during elections. It is not just for the purpose of turnout increase, but to ensure that majority of the registered voters will be able to nominate a worthy candidate, suitable for the position. That is why citizens must be required by law to vote as it not only for their own sake, but for the benefit of the whole society. On the other hand, but with similar logic, why a citizen would let other people choose what he thinks best for him if he has the right to vote (Tennant 4). Voting may be voluntary, but the law must put citizens in an obligatory status in terms of ensuring that their right to vote must be used to get the more accurate turnouts for more credible poll results.
There have been some low voter turnouts in the United States at some point. One of the solutions that may resolve this is the compulsory voting. This solution will act as a barometer of the democratic health of an institution or government (Mackerras & McAllister 218). There should be a law that would impose a more systematic way of conducting elections so as to oblige citizens to participate. In addition, a system that will increase the voters’ participation can be viewed as more responsive and legitimate to the voters’ needs.
If all registered citizens will be required by law to vote, the democracy in terms of winning the majority’s expressions of their opinion will be attained. Moreover, voting is a civic duty in which the future of the society and the government is in the hands of the electors. Requiring citizens to vote by a law would also help in checking who the voters are and non-voters thus would help government to emphasize the voter’s responsibilities as citizens of the country.
Counter Argument
On the other side of these claims, there are people who choose not to vote due to their own reasons. The participation of the voters during the elections is one of the most seriously studied issues for many years. Alvarez claims that some citizens do not vote because they do not have the interest nor they do not like the candidates or issues ( If law will require citizens to vote, then it will be in contrast to what they feel as an individual voter. If they are saying that voting is a citizen’s right, then this fact should correlate with the idea that a citizen also has the right on whom to vote. At some point, voters may dislike the candidates, but what if they are still required to vote? Will it still be considered voting according to their conscience? That is why a compulsory voting or a law should not require citizens to vote as it will go against their free will to nominate whom they think is suitable for the position.
On the other hand, these reasons may just be very minor as to compare with achieving the right number of voter turnouts, which will have a great effect towards the society’s future. If all citizens will be required by law to vote, the democratic goal of the election system will be attained if more people will be required to participate in the election.
Citizens must realize that voting is not just a simple right or privilege. Voting is a citizen’s duty to help establish a better future through choosing the best person who will lead and act on their behalf. Since voting only happens once every few years, citizens should consider exercising this right, despite the reasons why they do not normally vote such as long queues, lack of interest to the issues, inconvenient polling places and many more. Meanwhile, if citizens will be required by law to vote, the knowledge and the importance of participating in the election can be reiterated to people, which will make them realize that their single vote means a lot for a change that they are looking forward to happen.
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