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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:25
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Preferred Program of Study: Master in Business Administration
Admission Essay for the Global MBA Program
(Major in Innovation and Technology Management)
The world of technology is constantly evolving and organizations need graduates of Master in Business Administration (MBA) from top management schools, such as from (Name of Graduate School). Because of various challenges and problems, companies worldwide need better strategies in technical, managerial, financial, and marketing aspects of their operations. With a baccalaureate in computer science from the University of Toronto, I deeply feel that an MBA program will give me the competitive advantage to fulfill my professional advancements and dream of becoming a great businessperson.
Back in 2011, after my third year in college, I was exposed to different relevant work experiences as a project manager and release engineer (intern) at IBM. After that, I went back to my school to obtain my college degree. Since my graduation, I am working for my father. My father is an entrepreneur in two different industries. Back home, in Egypt, we manufacture car electronics (specifically, car entertainment systems). In Canada, we do commercial development. Mainly, I want to acquire an MBA so that I can better manage our family.
I fervently believe that my admission to your university’s MBA program would greatly expand my academic competencies and professional ethics. In a span of less than three years, I would already have completed the said program, which fits perfectly my goals in life. I strongly admire your institution’s highly commendable prospectus, research publications, faculty members, and university resources and facilities.
I would like to have the opportunity to share with you more about my qualifications and the ways in which I can contribute to your graduate school’s success.
Thank you for considering my application. Have more wonderful days ahead of us!

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