Good Admission Essay About Why Do You Believe Ccom Would Provide You With The Type Of Osteopathic Medical Education

Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:23
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Admission Essay
In recent times, physicians along with other scientists, treat humans like data, like samples, classifying them based on common assets, symptoms or features. In human medicine, this generalist approach to perceiving individuals like numbers with no sensitivity for their particularities can be problematic. I embrace the osteopathic medicine because it approaches humans individually, making the connection between the caregiver and the patient stronger, warmer and personalized. The courses taught within CCOM promote this medical practice and prepare students for a holistic approach on human body, teaching them to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. As a future DO, I consider CCOM the ideal place for learning medicine and practicing the art of healing through a whole-person approach, depicting the connection between different parts of human body for diagnosing and treating patients.
The healthcare philosophy that osteopathic medicine adopts, namely focusing on providing health promotion and disease prevention while treating patients using a holistic approach, conveys my personal beliefs of medical care efficiency. I want to pursue a medical career in the underserved areas, practicing preventive medicine through incorporating a life style based on wellness exercises, healthy nutritional habits, immunizations and a trusting relation with the communities’ members. Osteopathic medicine promotes wellness and healthy habits as preventive measures, whereas the doctor-patient relations are essential for osteopathic healthcare practice. By achieving an osteopathic medical education within CCOM I will have the necessary knowledge for providing preventive measures in the public healthcare and the required skills for developing strong patient-relations within underserved communities.

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