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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:17
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Question 1: What is the overall working experience at Wal-Mart?

Yes. It has social impacts from its social responsibility efforts. Our multinational engages in environmental conservation efforts in the US and at the international platform. In addition, we sponsor NGOs engaging in the combating of HIV/ AIDS in developing countries.Question 3: Has the multinational made efforts in promoting development in the developing world?

Well, Wal-Mart engages in development indirectly through expansion. Currently, we have plans of increasing our presence in Asia and Africa. However, we focus on our returns in such expansions. Impact on development comes from our operations indirectly.Question 4: How would you feel if Wal-Mart creates employment opportunities for youths in developing countries?

It would be a welcome move since we have not had such direct efforts previously. Of course, it would be of help to those youths, but I have mixed feelings on how the management would approach the issue.Question 5: Why aren’t you confident about this possibility?

It is not that I don’t believe in our ability, but we have been focusing on our returns in any social efforts. In this scenario, therefore, I feeling that Wal-Mart management may be conservative.Question 6: What channels can be used for this program?

Since our management focuses all its efforts on our retail business, the most probable channel would be the use of funding. These funds would be given to youth enterprises. The management would concentrate on its business and still promote employment through this way.

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