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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:57
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Part One
In the world we live in there are changes in life that occur to us each and every day. Some of these changes are positive while some are meant to bring obstacles in life and make it seem even harder. Change in itself is inevitable in relation to human life. The book captures how life changes from worst to better or better to worse at some instances. Individuals are more afraid of change for the fear of unknown. People don’t seem to adapt easily to changes that occur in their lives and hence sometimes remain conservative. At a personal level, there are joys, tragedies and disappointments that we keep going through each and every day. The story of Lafeyette and Pharaoh is a true picture of what life is made of. Basically, what they go through is a representation of what most us ignore in life. Traditionally, we have to go through some changes. This brings in the aspect of coping. The nature and how the two protagonists go about the obstacles in their lives depicts how, at a personal level, one is supposed to cope with change. Rather it is a description of how sometimes we need to induce change rather than let change manipulate us.
Further, at a personal level, it is significant to note there are various obstacles in our lives that keep pushing us back. This, according to the book, include; corruption and mismanagement of funds meant for the good of the public, the social system that tends to marginalize the minority groups, the existence of gangs and acts of aggression and violence and the presence of anti-social systems such as the presence of drug cartels among others. In real life, these are some of the obstacles that tend to diminish the value of our lives especially for the liberal minded individuals. According to the book, the above named obstacles seem to impede course of ensuring that life is enjoyable. Moreover, at a more personal level, the obstacles presented in the story are a true representation of what happens in real life. In fact, they remain the antagonists for the most part of life in our endeavor to survive in this cruel world as our own protagonists. Given that the two boys Lafeyette and Pharaoh live through these obstacles each and every day, it depicts how the spirit of endurance, patience and perseverance are the main drivers of how we human beings are supposed to go about the obstacles that happen in our daily existence. Personally, I believe in perseverance, patience and endurance as the best way to go about changes in the social systems. It one of the best ways that helps individuals learns how to cope with difficulties in their lives. Basically, form a personal point of view, change is part of us, and we are part of change. The two seem to be functions of each other in a deterministic manner. Thus, the best way to go about this changes as presented in the book is to persevere and be patient to the harsh realities of the world we are living in.
The spirit of endurance is based upon our own willingness and ability to face and counter our inner devils that may lead us to giving up the quest to survive or sometimes giving in to the anti-social system that marginalizes the minority. This is despite the fact that this system may be rotten to the very root of its own existence. As such, it is significant to note that life in itself is a two-way traffic lane. It always turns back to one-self. Considering how the protagonists are forced to solve conflict and reconcile with the system, it’s prudent to note how it turns back to them. This refers to when Lafeyette is arrested for vandalism of a car. Though he pleads not guilty, it can be seen that the system, through the hearing in the court allows him to go back home awaiting sentencing. The sentencing which is a lesson to him, (1 year probation and 100 hours of community service), is a depiction of how tables sometimes may turn in life in our quest to survive (Kotlowitz, 1991).
Part Two
Pharaoh is a great inspiration to me. Considering his endurance skills, his willingness to accept and cope with change and his capacity to easily adapt and thrive in the private school atmosphere, it can be noted that he is the kind of individuals who believe in themselves and would do anything to avert the unenthusiastic way of life. For instance, he does everything to overcome his tendency of daydreaming and forgetting his daily responsibilities. He is a representation of a character that has a positive motive in their life to see through all the obstacles that exist in their lives. Unlike Lafeyette who drops out of the private school for a public school, Pharaoh inspires the spirit of being encouraged in life and living positively despite the many tragedies and disappointments that tend to weigh us down.
Pharaoh does everything at his disposal to counter any negativity in his life including harsh memories that keep haunting him. For instance, from the book we are told that “he loves to smell wildflowers, the flight of the butterfly, and the sparrows. This place allows Pharaoh to be at peace and offers an escape from his reality”. This makes him impressionable. At a personal level, his actions represent a good way of countering the harsh realities of life. In life, we have to live with both the negative and positive worlds. His way of going about problems, obstacles, tragedies and disappointments in order to remain focused in life shows how an individual should carry themselves in light of the social systems that try to weigh us down. Further, it is also significant to note that Pharaoh is a brave boy who goes about his daily endeavors with a lot of keenness and creativeness. For instance, during Lafeyette’s birthday he ensures that all the children keep their heads down when gunfire breaks out (Kotlowitz, 1991). Despite the fact that he is the eldest and has the responsibility, it also shows that he is a brave character. His braveness inspires me to a level that at his age, he can easily deals with tragedies.
Through the summer, Pharaoh seems to have seen and had enough of the horrors of the small town. Thus, he begs his brother to take him back to the railway tracks away the tragedies. Though resistance to some extent, he finally agrees to take him. At this point, it can easily be seen that Pharaoh does not easily give up; he has the hope to life and a better day tomorrow. His skills and persistence as a way of surviving encourage me and present an avenue through which some critical matter can be dealt with. Apart from this, Pharaoh is also a hardworking and determined fellow. It is an encouragement as in life, we need to be focused and determined to ensure that we achieve and accomplish the goals and objectives we have set in life. As a character the book describes him as somebody who loves school. “He loves school, and as long as the teachers are out, he cannot be there in his favorite place. He stands tall there while outside the school building, he is ridiculed for his stammer and his small size. He frequently reads until his eyes hurt, and when he is bored, he practices his penmanship. The long, horrible summer has given him much time to practice” (Kotlowitz, 1991).
The story describes Pharaoh as the boy who brings joy and smile to everyone’s face. This is what we as human beings admire in life. We always want to be that great person that everybody loves and are happy for. In fact, among all LaJoe’s children he is seems to have the greatest potential above all. He has ability to deal with most of the problems, tragedies and disappointments that exists in his life. For instance, when his goldfish die, he is heartbroken though he does much to ensure that he goes through the hard times. Pharaoh is a great inspiration to me. His story is encouraging as it represents a character that has a focus on his life and can do anything to make his ways straight. Though at the end he seems to be the statistic and/or the victim of circumstance, the entire story of his life in the two years, is a great inspiration as it instills courage, endurance, persistence, patience, hard work and determination.
Work cited
Kotlowitz, A., (1991).There are no Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other America. New York: Anchor Books

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