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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:27
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In the contemporary world of today, Internet is one of those technologies that are meant to be used by everyone. This is because each and every individual has an equal right to get benefitted from the advantages that the modern technology has to offer. Every individual today must make use of the products and processes that emerge from the utilization from Internet. The use and advantages of the emerging technologies powered by Internet must not be restricted to the commercial, governmental and bureaucratic divisions of the society. Instead, every fragment of the populace should be allowed to utilize such technologies without any restraint.
The common man today has been powered by the level of coverage and the opportunities that are provided by Internet. It is a great thing that such areas and probabilities are widening and intensifying with the passage of time. Internet has turned out as a very powerful tool of communication and is efficiently influencing the general public in manners that other medias have been unable to. It is not an untold secret that this powerful technology will keep on serving as an avenue for individual empowerment as it allows an individual to make progress both economically and socially.
However, with the emergence of Internet as a powerful technology, there are various issues that have risen due to its convenient and easy usage. One of the most important issues that are needed to be discussed in this regard is the usage of social media or social working websites. A Social Network Site can be described as a web-based service that allows people to make a profile (public or private) within a particular system that is also circumscribed by a number of terms and conditions. The people using such sites are then enabled to be in contact with other people on the same website who are allowed to view the former’s profile. Social networking starts when a user views and passes through his/her connection to the other users in his/her profile. It is important to note here that every social networking site is unique with specific nature and categorization of the contacts.
It can be said that perhaps the falling in love scenario in today’s world have become “online”. This is for the reason that dating sites are no more considered as tricky ways to be in contact and bond with people one doesn’t know about. Instead, immense popularity has been gained by online dating via social networking as information technologies and digital media have amalgamated successfully. The contemporary social media in the modern virtual world has enhanced this evolution. People are now able to “date” in reality without even leaving their seats, thanks to Internet! Although face-to-face dating is still seen, the social media/social networking sites have enhanced this online dating process greatly (Merkle & Richardson 188).
There are more than a few issues (disadvantages) in using the social networking services. The issue is consideration here is online dating via social media and supported dating services. As people start communicating, they begin to fall for each other emotionally and romantically without any consideration of distance. As a consequence, there are a number of cases when people have to spend a lot of money as the dating websites that are connected with the social networking website costs them to empty their pockets to remain in contact with their love interest. The dating websites that are supported by the social networking sites demand paid memberships. With no guaranteed results, the chances of losing every single penny are always high and the hopes of getting acquainted with a romantic partner can always shatter one’s heart. Online dating also calls for many safety issues as there are a lot of people out there who misuse social networking sites to appear as someone they are not by making fake profiles. They hide their original identities to trap people and deceive them emotionally and economically. A lot of people are coned by the fake ‘beautiful’ pictures and incorrect sensual information that their assumed ‘lover-in-disguise’ provides them. Such cases leave the betrayed people heart-broken, disappointed and depressed (Dutton 189).
Thus, both online and offline dating worlds have been drastically influenced by the social media. However, online dating is more negatively influenced by social media. For this reason, sociologists and relationship advisors agree on the point that an individual must not go deep into an online relationship until he/she is totally prepared for maintaining a long-distance relationship. This advice is needed to be considered as social media supports the idea of virtual “stalking” in an inappropriate manner and there are great chances that awkward and unwarranted predispositions may be created in the matrimonial procedure.
As far as my personal opinion is concerned, I believe that two people have to be really honest in making and maintaining a romantic relationship, whether online or offline. Though every case is different and many online couples have even tied knots, it is still very important that people understand the consequences of a romantic relationship as not everyone is trustworthy.
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