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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:17
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I could say it was lack of maturity. Or I could say that I was distracted and not motivated to learn when there were many other possibilities of spending my time as a student. The point is that I preferred playing video games, partying, sleeping, spending time with friends, or engaging in any other non-educational activity rather than study. I thought I was being lucky enough to enter Indiana Bloomington University and that luck will hold me till the rest of my studies without putting real effort in it. But as it turned out, I was not that lucky. In fact I did not even considered the consequences of my irresponsible behavior.
As I turn back time, I realize that only the last semester I used to have this behavior. It took me only several months to realize the mistakes that I made not appreciating the opportunity I had in front of me of maximizing my presence at IUB. To be quite honest, I never thought that the line between immaturity and maturity is so thin. I do not consider me a complete mature person, but considering the fact that I realize the gravity of my mistakes and that I can evaluate them as negative for my academic and professional future, I know I learned something from my IUB experience.
At first I did not realized what I lost, as I got hired, working as an intern for a small company named Global Auto System Korea (GASK), providing translations into Korean for my supervisor, after browsing websites such as Car& Drive or I also applied for Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, where I currently studying. During this time when I did not attend IUB I had the opportunity to achieve insightful experience from the auto market, in terms of researching customer needs and wants. I developed my public speaking skills, my oral presentation and my motivation to succeed. This is how I realized that I failed. I failed at accomplishing my studies at IUB and I know now that I must make up for this personal mistake.
My lack of interest towards learning easily pushed me to being dismissed from IUB, along my lack of concentration and poor memorizing skills. These were my main weaknesses, which led to my leaving IUB. I still confront these weaknesses, but the difference is that I acknowledge them now and I am working towards diminishing or eliminating them, aiming to make the best of concentrating and memorizing. In this sense I am now working at changing my lifestyle, putting all distractions away, such as phone, computer and TV. In addition, I have my determination to keep me focused to learn, which I previously lacked. Since I last attended IUB I have achieved oral presentation skills and found my talent in persuading others. I consider these academic strengths, which will help me further in my educational activity and hopefully will make me successful, should I have a new opportunity of attending IUB.
The interaction with the business environment made me see who I am and what I want to focus my career. When I first got into IUB, my initial major was telecommunication. I oriented towards this domain because I thought it would be interesting as I knew people working in this area. However, while working as an intern I realized that I was actually fascinated and good at working in business. I am determined that one day I will work in international trading, selling my items to various customers throughout the world. I need an academic preparation in this purpose and this is why I wish to go back to IUB and to change my major in international business.
For some people it may be more difficult to achieve great results at once. But what makes them successful despite this, is their perseverance. For my academic purpose, I am planning to grow this characteristic by attending every class, working on my assignments and engaging in classes discussions to make my academic life more stimulating. For reaching this goal, I would develop a habit of recording my assignments in the calendar, which will make me aware of what needs to be done and will increase my organization and my planning skills. With consistent planning, I aim to become a successful and responsible business man on a long term. Building perseverance, never giving up, being guided by determination and passion, this is my plan for achieving this long term goal.

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