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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:48
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Reading Response "Starting Out as a Designer
The thesis statement is that there are a number of ways through which interested people can become great designers. The point is important because first, it acts as an introduction to the whole piece of context. Secondly, it is important in explaining to the interested people how they could transform what they already have, to a higher grade successfully. Through their explanation, designers can transform through their already acquired knowledge and skills.
Planning a movie outing is a simpler task as compared to designing a party. While planning for a movie outing, for instance, what the planner needs to know is the timing of the movies and compare with their availability. If a movie is to be aired in the evening, the planner only needs to clear up with all the activities of the day before the start of the movie, to create time to attend it. On the other hand, designing for a party needs a lot of details such as number of people, timing and the venue of the party. It needs some skill to complete.
The example is meant to show that planning for a design calls for more skill and knowledge. While designing, one needs to come up with a new and unique aspect while problem solving deals with an aspect that has been in existence. A professional designer takes more details and comes up with a totally different design in coming up with the item.
Santiago emphasizes commitment, harmony and focused harmonious thinking with potentials so that while working by hand, the design includes the aspects of the different contributors. This is important especially in creating designs for use by other people. If there is not a relationship then there are high chances of having the wrong design all together. A situation based design analyzes a certain environment and bases its study there while a convention based design is a collection of different designer’s ideas.

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