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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:38
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I challenged or questioned religion. The exposure I have had to the global dominions made me question religion. My father comes from Hindu family and my mother from Zoroastrian dominion, and I have been schooling, for the last five years, within a devout Christian school. Besides, I have had the opportunity of conversing, meeting, as well as creating relationships with individuals of many dissimilar dominions. Currently, with the social media and internet, my generation has had exposure to the world than was before. Such exposure prompts anyone to question, as well as learns the world critically, and not takes issues on face value. Because of this, I have personal beliefs.
Hinduism was the dominion, which influenced/affected my upbringing. I never looked at Zoroastrianism on matters of faith. However, when I was 11 years, I thought of learning about the religion of my mother. I believed it was an excellent idea to become familiar and aware of views around me, and perhaps find one, which may suit me than Hinduism that have some regressive and senseless views.
I had enthusiasm of learning most religions. As I started learning, my attraction to the religion grew. During the summer break, the same year, we visited Museums or churches in Europe. I liked Christianity due to the grand renaissance art, though when I joined Woodstock learning religion became even interesting. I also found Buddhism appealing.
Everything occurred within a short period, and there was much to learn and many options to choose from. I identified much to like in each dominion, as well a lot to be opposed. I ultimately was in confusion as each dominion was mesmerizing. I may not stand religious nut-jobs; therefore, it is best to avoid organized dominion. Nonetheless, I belief in existence of God and dislike labeling my beliefs with concepts like deist, spiritual, or agnostic (Religions 2-3), although wish to make clear what my beliefs are, and least expect anyone/religion/group to revert my thinking. Nevertheless, I am free for learning their views.
I questioned my dominion with the intention of knowing the world dominion, and I do not regret it. I am comfortable with personal beliefs, since I understand about all the alternatives. I can change my belief, being Chinese citizen we believe Buddhism.
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