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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:32
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Since I embarked on the PPE major, I have been furnished with information on the fields of politics, philosophy and economics. I have become more acquainted to the fields than I thought possible and thus able to look beyond limit of academic disciplines. The PPE program has offered me an integrated study of its various constituents. I was qualified for a PPE major after successful completion of a foreign language that rhymes with my concentration for four semesters. The study of a foreign language was fascinating. The verity that I could currently talk to people of the language and also had an extra language in my list of languages was captivating.

I have always been passionate about politics, philosophy and economics. When I embarked on the PPE major, I was so naive and did not know what it entailed and what to expect. I was only equipped with the little information that I could find from the various sources, being: online, scholarly materials and info from pals who were already in the major. Through this I was burdened with a thirst to learn more about the major. I made it my mission to quench the thirst by ensuring I ended up in the realms of PPE.

The major entails a criterion to allow students from the different disciplines to integrate. This way, they are able to exploit fascinating research in these fields that comprise the three disciplines. This way, am able to interact with students of the different disciplines and in that, we share loads of valuable info which others would not be possible as one would have to concentrate in their respective fields. The info shared from a certain field could be used effectively in another field. The co-relationship in the fields creates am all time bond amongst us. The existence of the difference in our fields passes unnoticed as the commonness by far outdoes the differences.

Majoring in PPE has made me all-round. Philosophy has made me a rigorous and logical reasoned. I have also been able to reflect ethically. Economics has heightened my understanding of economic matters. This has a close relationship to Politics which has equipped me with a clear understanding of society governance. The relationship between Politics and Economics is more so seen as important since most decisions of governance are largely influenced by an economic event. This has enabled me to understand social occurrences by having a disciplinary approach towards them. I understand that at the end, I will be acquainted with applying tools that cut across multiple disciplines, with ease.

PPE may have some relationship to some other majors, for example some fields of psychology. It is the information provided by learning PPE that gives students a head start in embarking in other disciplines. The web of relationship is endless as the valuable info is shared amongst different disciplines. For example, a student could design a program that entails courses in fields like political science, psychology, mathematics and so on. This is enough proof of the infinite application of PPE in other fields. PPE has gone ahead to produce some prestigious professions in the constituent fields. PPE has become a popular major as it prepares graduates for careers in its constituent fields.

In the course of tackling this major, I have also happened to talk to some of my classmates namely; Barbara Hanson and Chen. They both are in IAS- Literature Track major. Interaction with one another has been facilitated to great extents and in that, sharing loads of information on the courses we are partaking. The info has proved to be of great importance as being able to evaluate myself. I also get a better chance of understanding what other faculties entail.

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