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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:08
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Patagonia’s target marketing
Differentiation of market is indicated by the products that are made available for the customers. The nature of the product cuts across many products is hence increasing market scope. Psychographic marketing provides the interest of customers. It covers them social lifestyle and their mode of purchasing the products available in the market. The major concern is directed to pricing whereby the companies have to consider the customer's income and needs. Target of the company comprises both young and elder customers.
The Patagonia market focuses on sustainability in product marketing. Introduction of the beer helps in increasing their market scope. The change of CEO helps in the introduction of the new face in leadership. The new CEO has different strategies that focus in improvement in marketing sector
Increase on internet access has contributed to increasing in marketing. Large population is using the internet and other search engines to have the information concerning the products they need to purchase. This has introduced the Patagonia market to have a website where they post their products. Provisions of free publicity from the independent media have also contributed to increasing in market for the products being offered in Patagonia market.
Environmental force
Numbers of the environmental forces have increased their effect on the operation of Patagonia market. The issue of timing over the Black Friday is used as a strength in marketing the product in the market.
New CEO has to increase the Patagonia market scope through introduction of other lines of production and marketing. Diversification in product marketing ensures the numbers of the customers have increased.
Appendix: SWOT
Strength and weakness are internal factors affecting the Patagonia market while opportunities and threats cover external factors. Strength: advertisement of the products in Patagonian website. Weakness in Patagonia market is covered with an unrelated product being advertised in a similar market. Example beer introduction in Patagonia market that is unrelated to brand image.

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