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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:36
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Summary of article:
Jessica describes different parenting styles and strategies that people adopt in accordance to their culture and norms. However, her main emphasis of article is that mothers in today’s generation opt for other culture’s parenting style as well. For instance, many mothers in developed countries have started to breastfeed their babies for its better and healthy growth. They do not agree to give packet milks, which contain different chemicals as well that can harm their child. They have adopted this parenting strategy from the less developed countries where breast-feeding is considered a part of parenting culture. Just like this this, Jessica gives other examples to prove her stance as well .
Personal Opinion & Connection with the chosen topic:
The article has a strong connection with the topic chosen for this assignment that is, Parenting Styles across Culture. It explains this statement by giving different examples. In my opinion, the point that Jessica has made in her article is right. Exchanges of parenting styles and techniques across cultures are very common. This is because, parenting styles differ from culture to culture. The major difference between cultural parenting is how each of them perceives a child’s self-esteem. For instance, Chinese focus more on the social well-being of their child. They care about what is right and wrong, rather giving importance to the child’s emotions. On the contrary, western people give absolute attention the psychic and emotional health of their children. They allow them to do what they want to instead of guiding them what is wrong for them. Every mother intends to adopt the best possible parenting strategy for the upbringing of her baby. It does not mean she tends to change her cultural practices, she simply adds better strategies to the existing list.
Grose, J. (2014, January 7). Copying Other Cultures: A Questionable Parenting Strategy. Retrieved April 23, 2014, from

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