Free P&G New Systems Article Review Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:23
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- There are quite a number of issues that need to be understood before implementing Business Sufficiency, Business Spheres and Decision Cockpits. First of all, implementing these systems would require a lot of investment. Since, the company is planning to implement these systems at the organization; it will require massive investment in terms of software, hardware, and overall system implementation. The second investment for organization will be in terms of human capital investment. All the personnel who are expected to use these systems will have to get training on how to use these systems. Later, they will have to be imparted the analytics and knowledge and how to interpret the data that is obtained using these systems. Another important factor will be to assess how willing is the human resource in the organization to accept these new systems as part of their work environment. If people are not willing to accept the change and adopt the new system, then these systems will automatically fail to deliver. Therefore, the human resource in the organization, will have be made more receptive to adopt the new systems in the organization, so they give the same results as expected and even produce level of synergy in the organization. At last, the company will have to bring these systems on the same page or at same level so that they can be worked upon together, and these systems help the overall functioning of the organization.
- These systems have decentralized the decision making structure. It allowed the lover level management to have access to the same information as is available to the top level management and executives. By trickling down the flow of information, these systems have helped the organization in terms of better, and quick decision making. It is an important step and has helped the organization to become more futuristic. These systems have also helped the organization to make decisions at a level that is closer to the action. These systems might not change the overall picture of the organization or drastic changes in the way business is run. Instead it is taking the organization towards more efficiency.
- P& G is a large organization with several brands and billions of dollars in the kitty in terms of revenue. It is a humongous organization and has to evolve in order to sustain and grow its business. These systems are in line with modern management strategies that are being followed at every big organization. These systems will help P & G to delegate the decision making authority to a lower level management. It will make the organization more flexible, and decision will be taken by people who are closer to the action. It is an important aspect for the organization. Since the volume of business at P & G is large, a lot of information is needed to take important business decisions. These systems not only provide the information that is needed by the organization to plan its operations, sales, marketing, and production activities, but it also provides vital information to all the stakeholders of the organization. It helps the lower level management and supervisors to use this information and make adjustment to their work so that the work done is of high quality and, more efficient then it was previously before implementing these systems.

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