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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:01
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Mission Statement:
Machu Picchu Bikes Inc, is a company that focuses on Bike Manufacturing and Distribution, this company offer a full range of diverse bike products to the cycling community. As a way of embracing our goals, our mission is to focus on quality and innovation as a way of surpassing our customer needs. We are also indebted with the obligation of providing a conducive environment to our workforce. By endorsing adventure and racer activities, we aspire to offer education and necessary skills to our customers in a way to establish customer loyalty.
Considering that a major threat to any bike Manufacturing and Distribution Company is establishing a market share and customer loyalty. Our company has plans in place that will essentially put us at par. As from our mission statement, we will focus on establishing customer loyalty and increasing our market share.
Vision Statement:
As a company that foresees a bright future. Machu Picchu Bikes Inc, aspire to be one of the top Bike Manufacturing and Distribution Company through consistent marketing.
Considering the current competitive nature of the bike industry in the contemporary times, the company has credible plans that will enable us achieve our objectives relative to the mission statement. For the short term objectives, our company aim at focusing more on adventure segment within the first year, then focus on racer segment in the subsequent year. With strong adherence to the above objectives and many other objectives that are detailed in the company’s profile, we aspire to be one of the top Bike Manufacturing and Distribution Company across the globe.
Description of the industry
Apparently, the bike industry is evidently experiencing unevenness in return. Based on the up-to-date statistics, the industry realized sales amounting to $6 billion in 2011, $6.1 billion in 2012, and $5.8 billion in 2013 (Uchikawa, 57). The above accentuates the fluctuating nature of returns in the industry. Additionally, in order to remain relevant in the bike industry, it is of utmost requirement for one to assimilate all the bike equipments together to ease customer strain (Bowhill 63). It is also of importance to note that the bike industry is less developed in some countries across the globe; advertising is, therefore, necessary for its distinction.
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