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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:38
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I hereby express my interest to work with the Milwaukee Public Schools as a social work aide (JOB ID 41399).As a person I draw motivation from seeing the organization that I work for is reaching greater heights of success in its endeavors, while also growing in terms of career and skills. I am goal-oriented, reliable and a team player. I also welcome new challenges that help me learn new concepts while applying them in real life situations where possible.
I posses an associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, Mequon (2007-2013) and a Biology program from the Mount Mary College Milwaukee. Coupled with a considerably long time experience in a range of relevant fields such as a Sales Associate in two organizations as well as a Food Associate and an office Assistance as attested in my attached credentials, I feel adequately capable to deliver in the above-mentioned position.
All throughout my job experience, I have learnt great communication, courtesy and catering skills that would be paramount to ensuring good and effective interaction with the young children. Within the organizations that I have worked for, I have learnt great interpersonal skills, which have equipped me with the knowledge to deal with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, with these skills, I have great conviction that I will be of great help to the institution in terms of enhancing home-school cooperation and assisting in social work needs of the children and the great Milwaukee Public schools fraternity.
As earlier mentioned my motivation is not tied to finances and as such, I am comfortable with the proposed starting salary.
May you please consider my request. Thank you in advance.

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