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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:39
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Business is both an art and a science; learning the ins and outs of finance is just as important as having the innate skills and intuition to take full advantage of this knowledge. The best businessmen and financiers are able to see what opportunities lie on the horizon, and use their considerable knowledge of the field to reap the benefits. I have personally been interested in business and finance for more than a decade, knowing from an early age that I wished to enter this particularly challenging field. While I have struggled long and hard to get to this point, I know that I need to continually learn and grow in order to be a success in the field of business. Having graduated in May of 2014 from Tennessee Tech University (TTU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, I firmly believe my next step is to further my education by participating in a competitive and challenging Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.
I am highly motivated to pursue a graduate studies program; I take the maxim ‘knowledge is power’ very seriously, and so every day is dedicated to learning something new that I can take with my into my personal or professional life. To my mind, I do my best to take advantage of opportunities, and participating in an MBA program, especially one that is highly challenging and competitive, is the best chance I have to learn as much as I can about my chosen field. Through a graduate studies program, I can hope to learn from a dedicated faculty with practical experience in the worlds of Business and Finance, as well as network with my peers to create opportunities for ourselves after graduation.
My particular areas of academic interest are somewhat general; I am fascinated by business as a field, as well as the realms of finance and investment. As someone with a wide interest in business, I am fascinated by all aspects of these very complicated fields. The movement of money through various markets depending on circumstances both great and small is of great interest to me. I want to learn ways to tap into that knowledge and use it to the advantage of both myself and any stakeholders I might have. The stock market is a seemingly impenetrable beast in terms of understanding, and so I can stand to gain as much insight as possible into the nature and nuances of investments as a practice. While I already have undergraduate course experience in the fundamentals of investment, I know that I always have more to learn, and am eager to do so.

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