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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:09
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- What is macro-level oppression? Provide an example.

Macro level oppression is the oppression and discrimination that arises in the relationship between groups and individuals to systems, structures and social institutions. It also occurs to disadvantaged neighborhoods and poverty-stricken areas (Regoli et al., 2011). A good example of macro level oppression occurs when a student is targeted because of color in a university. There are four levels of macro level of oppression. They include economic, political, representational and structural.

- Some scholars, such as Becker, contend it is the social reaction to a behavior that is more important than behavior itself in terms of shaping delinquency. Do you agree or disagree? Support your position.

I agree to the position taken by Scholars that the social reaction to behavior that shapes delinquency. Delinquents learn the criminal behavior from friends. People who associate with each other display similar behaviors and attitudes. A good example is adolescents who come from the same neighborhood may engage in the same crimes because of the social interaction they have on each other. The behavior itself changes with the social interaction that the delinquents have on each other.

- Would a more egalitarian society envisioned by Marx (one with approximate economic equality) eliminate most delinquency?

A more egalitarian society is the most appropriate to help in eliminating delinquencies. A society where people receive equal treatment will not experience increased crime rates. Prevention of juvenile delinquency is important in preventing crimes in the society. The most juveniles are from poor families and they tend to receive poor treatment from various sections of the society. This leads the children to commit crimes and cases of juveniles arise. Economic equality allows parents to provide for their families and children will not engage in criminal activities.

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Regoli, R. M., Hewitt, J. D., & DeLisi, M. (2011). Delinquency in society: The essentials. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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