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Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:21
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The project manager for the Green Computing Research Project has been selected. The project is now ready to begin. The following paper discusses the scope statement, requirement traceability matrix, and product requirements, deliverables and characteristics related to the project.
- What is the expected timeframe for project completion?
- Are the resources going to be bought in to aid the final project or are they going to be available beforehand?
- What particular areas and green technology are the sponsors willing to change/implement?
- How has the organization addressed previous changes and upgrades?
- How will the user support and training budget be allocated?
- How much training and support will be required for using the new hardware and software?
- What will the budget be for the entire project?
- What is the estimated end date for the project?
- What likely outcomes do the sponsors anticipate out of the project?
- Develop a scope statement for the project.
Project Title: Green Computing Research Project
Project Justification: The project is aimed towards finding out various ways of green computing and incorporating this technology into the systems of We are Big, Inc. A comprehensive report on green computing will be drawn, the purpose of which will be to highlight data provided by the financial analyst and recommendations regarding the implementation of green computing technologies. This project will look into the benefits of green computing and how it will impact organization’s output. It will also research areas that would benefit from the implementation of green computing and their related costs. Following are the areas that will be of particular interest to the project, they are as follows: installation of solar panels and fiber insulations, making use of environment friendly and recyclable products, and moving servers to virtualization. (“Browse//Computing &IT”)
The project characteristics and deliverables are as follows:
Product characteristics will include;
- Efficient and optimum use of available resources
- Creating comprehensive and detailed research reports
- Seeking 20 project ideas, 4 of which will be based on in-depth analysis
- Creating a formal project proposal based on any 4 recommendations
Product related deliverables will include;
- Designing research reports, handling project related documents, hardware and codes for software, etc
- Completion of final report containing all data
- A Gantt chart (Schwalbe, 2000)
- Constructing a series of research reports and their findings
- Seeking 20 project ideas, 4 of which will be based on extensive analysis
Browse // Computing & IT. (n.d.). Computing & IT. Retrieved May 17, 2014, from
Schwalbe, K. (2000). Information technology project management (6th ed.). Cambridge, Ma.: Course Technology.

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