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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:56
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The Hawaii Tourism Authority strategic plan is classical in the larger sense. This plan has got clear defined strategies as means meeting the goals and objectives. The plan defines clear access methods of gaining entry into the market and making an impact. Moreover the plan defines a communication strategy that would act as a cord between the authority and the people. In such a plan, there is a need to have a clear communication plan to make the agenda of the company known to many. The plan has got objectives that the company intends to fulfill.
One of the strengths of this plan is that the brand is well known to the people. Hawaii is a popular tourist destination and many people see it as a destination of choice. The place has got a rich culture that has been the source of attraction. There are high standards of safety as well as well proper accommodation in the area. The plan is also scores big in the sense that visitor satisfaction is high in almost all instances. The place however remains behind when it comes to stamping its foot in the business of tourism. Another weakness is that there is never prior knowledge of the people who visit, thus messes up accommodation plans. The public facilities in the area are not well maintained and making progress from this point would be extremely difficult (Hawai’i Tourism strategic plan: 2005-2015, 2013).
Communication strategy for Hawaii is one that would seek to create forums where the visitors and the locals can interact thus giving more information to the visitors about the area. Provision of information that accurately reflects the face of tourism is a communication agenda for the authority (Riegner, 2007). The communication strategy also seeks to have all stakeholders briefed on the current state of affairs in relation to tourism (Hawai’i Tourism strategic plan, 23).
One recommendation of this marketing plan is to map the problems and challenges it faces (Doole and Lowe, 1997). Through this, there would be a vibrant way of dealing with the issues. Another issue would be to put a value on everything. The plan should also have a more vibrant method of reaching out to many people (Nunes, & Merrihue, 2007). Research has shown that many people do not value free things. Selling quality would attract people to the place. Involving the locals and making the part of the project is important in ensuring that people are supporting the system and the set goals.
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