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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:12
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It is a summary chapter on the whole study. It includes the information gathered in literature review and research methods and design.

- Literature review. This is a review of all the studies that have been done previously on the topic.
- Research methods and design. It determines the methods to be used in collecting data and the locations that the data is to be collected from.
- Data presentation and analysis- It is the submission of data and a critical review of the data submitted to ensure it befits the dissertation before it is submitted to the review committee./>
- Conclusion and recommendation- It is a super summary of the study.

I will discuss on the literature review of my dissertation as a key idea in my projects. This is the foundation of my study. It is a review of all the studies that have been done previously on the topic in order to have a complete understanding on the history of my topic and all theoretical researches that have been done before on this particular topic. This will aid in building a study that extends the current knowledge that people have about my topic. It formulates the foundation of my study to ensure a complete understanding of the hypothesis. This chapter formulates a background for all the other chapters especially chapter three and four. It helps in developing my knowledge on the topic as well.

Discussion response 1

Motivation is important in building a dissertation. A student should concentrate in doing a dissertation that inspires and motivates them(MacFarlane, 2008). This ensures that the student does not get bored of their dissertation in order to maximize their concentration. It is important for the student to undertake a critical and analytical analysis when choosing the dissertation to undertake.

Collection of data and other necessary information involved in carrying out a dissertation before beginning the actual dissertation is important. Writing a dissertation should be carried out in a quiet environment away from any distraction whatsoever(MacFarlane, 2008). This ensures maximum concentration and better output.

The best way to begin writing a dissertation is by beginning with the chapter that the student really likes. Writing each chapter at a time ensures maximum productivity without tiring. The student should ensure that each chapter in the dissertation is handled to the best of their knowledge without any errors to avoid revisions which tend to be boring and tiresome to carry out.

Discussion response 2

Every student is motivated to write about anything. It is important to carefully select a dissertation that they are comfortable with. This ensures motivation and simplifies the process of developing the dissertation. Selecting a dissertation that is easy to gather data and all the necessary information needed to complete it ensures that the student finishes the dissertation in time, proofreads it and gives the best. When carrying out a dissertation the writer should converse with themselves or their inner self to ensure that it does not appear as a report(Clarkson, 2010).

Working in a quiet environment away from the distraction of people, cars, television and noisy basements ensures maximum concentration. This ensures that the student does not forget any crucial information and also minimizes errors(MacFarlane, 2008).

Working for a long period tires the student hence making the less creative. Lack of creativity produces a dissertation that is boring with very little content that is unique. It is important that the student concentrates on writing one chapter at a time. This should be carried out when the student is fresh especially in the morning hours.


Becker, H. S. (1986). Writing for Social Scientists. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

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