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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:43
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The note was very fascinating and interesting to read. The author depicted on his curiosity and interest of reading. The content is perfectly very well written and to the point. The author is clear in his description of how he became a writer in spite of all the obstacles he had to go through. I completely agree to the points the author narrates in the novel. He uses phrases and repetition of words makes the reader get more involved into the subject matter. The use of the metaphor ‘thickness of the door that must be broken through’ implies to him of how he became a famous poet, writer in spite of being part of a lower middle class family and especially to be an Indian among so many other non-Indians.

The use of the verb ‘read’ in paragraph 7 has been used 14 times, this was deliberately done to conclude and address the reader that reading and only because of his voracious reading he became a successful man today. He narrates his childhood which seemed to be difficult with many family issues and financial problems.

Secondly, the author also addresses about contemporary social problem of how Indians are treated among non-Indians. The author uses an adjective ‘oddity’ to describe himself and other Indians among other groups in the world. The author also uses another adjective ‘prodigy’ which means a person who has developed many skills at an early age. Mentioning about himself as an oddity, the author relates to the social problem of Indians being lowered of their dignity, no matter the calibre and talent they show. Many Indians do have talent in man skills but fail to showcase it because of the global view that Indians are skill-less.

Thirdly, the content of this essay relates to my life in a personal way. The main message the author leaves behind is to try, try and try till you succeed. Similarly in my life, I had to struggle through many obstacles to gain success. I may not have reached great heights, but fulfilling personal goals gives much joy. An example I would like to share is during my task of handling many projects at a time during my first job. It was a nightmare to me, but since childhood I had participated in many extra-curricular activities which enabled me to handle task one at a time. I not only completed my projects on time but also got promoted on the 6th month of my job. Lessons learnt at any early age can never be forgotten. In fact I would correct say ‘knowledge gained is by learning and knowledge gained is far from bliss.’ The author also proved that he could do something different and accomplished it. In the same way I am a creative writer by profession and my job profile includes submitting written work through tough deadlines, but the main skills of writing and time management should be credited to my childhood days.

Lastly, I would like to end by praising the author for his great calibre, consistency and hard work. The author focused on his topic by using verbs, phrases and adjectives. Simple and lucrative language made the reader engaged in his reading. A token message of determination and metaphor usage was a brilliant way to end the essay.

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