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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:53
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Why did the Cold War start and how did it develop over its first three decades?

In 1945, the Cold War started after the World War II or WWII. The cold war as a state of extremely political hostility among countries known as a Propaganda War and the cold war were between Russia and some of the Western countries. The nuclear weapon existence led to the development of the Cold War.

How did different presidential administrations, from Truman to Nixon handle Cold War affairs?

There were different ways of the presidential administrations approaches from Truman to Nixon. They handled the Cold War differently with different pursuance of policy containment, and the mentality approaches to Communism differs.

How did these approaches affect foreign policy?

Since the beginning of the Cold War, the battle against Communism made a huge impact in the United States foreign policy. The arm race and nuclear proliferation led to confrontations between the United States and the Former Soviet Union or the Russian Republics a disaster. The politics Cold War fixtures had squared-off by using the third-world proxies rather than a confrontation. The tension between the United States, the USSR, and other allies of the both nations reached the highest peak of disaster at the end of the WWII until it continued in 1990. Indeed, the Cold War was a major problem and the determination of the United States foreign policy.

How did the Cold War lead to changes within American society and culture?

Many changes happened to the American society and its culture; Russians, treated as friends for the Americans but enemies who wanted to rule the world and destroy the lives of the people heartlessly. Fear of the Americans increased especially those preemptive strikes made against the United States. For example, the Afghan War in that the Soviets fought forcedly, and the Cuban Missile Crisis caused fear that ultimately changed the perspectives of the Americans against these conflicting countries. Socially, the events during the Cold War were the period of great unrest for the people of America.


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