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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:11
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Nursing is one of the most endowed and marketable careers in the entire world. However, discovering ones potential and the desired area of specialization are important factors in determining the future workplace of a nurse. There are several areas of nursing specialization, one of them being that of a Family Nurse Practitioner. When seeking for a job, it is very important for an individual nurse to come up with proper strategies on how to tackle tactical interview questions from the employers. This is because of stiff competition in the job market, making the employers to focus on very bright minds in the society. It is therefore important for any interviewee to know how they will convince the employer that they are the best candidates for that particular job. On hiring, some may be required to develop a job description, which an important tool in all organizations.

Marketing myself and negotiating for a contract with my new employer

The first thing in marketing myself is to know my current worth in relation to my level of academic qualification and experience. This, I would achieve by reviewing the current terms and conditions of employment of Family Health Practitioners within my country. I would then let the employer know my remuneration expectations for this job. I would be able to convince the employer about my worth by explaining all the possible benefits that I am likely to bring to the organization using my skills and knowledge. I would also issue him all my previous recommendations for past performances as an evidence of my potential.

I would also talk to my new employer on the expected mutual benefits between the organization and me. This includes things like medical covers and the compensation for working beyond the time described in the employment package. In regards to the benefits to the organization, I would promise to work very hard in promoting the services offered by the organization and in promoting the image of the organization in the eyes of the public (Newland & Jameson, 2012).

In addition, I would seek to know certain policies of the organization and their effects on me. Such policies may include the issue of notice in case of resignation and sacking. These are important in avoiding work place disappointments as in sacking within a day. The issue of knowing the place of work would also be important, as in working in an office or in the field to be able to be prepared. I would also wish to know the relationship between the employer and the other relevant institutions as in the case of consultation, to be able to know where to get certain information and where to avoid.

Another important issue in negotiating with a new employer is the issue of job description. This is a comprehensive description of all the tasks and duties that I would be expected to perform as part of my employment requirements. These are important for defining responsibility and accountability. It would also enable me to understand the structure of my new workplace by knowing to whom am expected to report (Newland & Jameson, 2012).

Steps in developing my own job description

The first thing in this case is to state the job title, in this case Family Health Nurse. This should give a brief insight of what I would be doing in that line of duty. I would also include the date when that job was created. The next thing would be to define the chain of command, clearly showing power relationship in relation to my position. I would also state my department. The next thing would be writing my job summary, which would include the most important functions in my particular job. In addition, I would write all the duties and functions that I would be performing as part of employment. Again, including the qualifications and any additional certifications would be necessary when developing my job description. I would also state the required physical qualifications and environmental conditions for the job. The last thing would be a description of the workplace health and safety and this will be maintained. After this, I would then acknowledge all the relevant individuals for that piece of work. This is according to Tapomoy, (2009).


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