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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:15
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The Elora Jean & Co has successfully adopted modern software in its human resource management department. Currently, Elora Jean & Co is relying on the excel spreadsheet and access database to run its reports and employees’ records keeping electronically. However, the Elora Jean & Co needs to adopt and effectively utilize HRIS products in its human resource management to improve its performance.

The administration module will be vital in managing and controlling the human resource management. This system will serve as a central controller in which human resource managers or other senior officials in the department will administer their operations in one central point (Yost, 2012). The administration module will be vital in improving the organisation structure, maintaining project information, and in improving pay scale. Moreover, the management should be sensitive about security issues when managing employee’s leaves and rewards. The administration module has the capacity to control and manage all activities in human resource management with limited errors. On the other hand, the cost of installing administration module is cheap and affordable for Elora Jean & Co. Furthermore, adopting an administration system will be an effective strategy that has high potential of enhancing the competitiveness of Elora Jean & Co. The implementation timeline for administration module is also cheap and affordable for the company (Cambell-Kelly and Aspray, 2013).

The ESS module will be a powerful tool that will provide employees’ in the Elora Jean & Co with a strategy of viewing employees’ personal information. The ESS module will be vital in reinforcing privacy in the storage of the Elora Jean & Co employees’ personal and academic information. The functionality of ESS module will be vital in making employees information available in all department at the most appropriate time. However, the system will help in regulating the information that an individual can be authorised to view. The system is capable of protecting employees’ private information from unauthorised access. Considering the fact that the system is cost effective and reliable, the model will essentially reduce Elora Jean & Company’s operation and management cost. The implementation timeline is also short and in accordance to the company’s plan (Yost, 2012).

A time module will also be critical in improving operations in human resource department. This module will be helpful in automating timekeeping and other related processes (Cambell-Kelly and Aspray, 2013). The scheme will not only be effective in improving efficiency in human resource department, but also be vital in eliminating paper work and other manual activities that are linked to attendance management and project timekeeping. Moreover, the module will be essential in enhancing the improvement of a workforce and in the reduction of errors that are associated with the enforcement of the company’s attendance regulations and policies.

The new system has also proved to have the capacity of improving the company’s capability of facilitating safe storage of the company employees’ private information. Furthermore, the time module is vital in reducing the operation and management cost in the company’s human resource management. In essence, a time module is reliable in reducing information retrieval time and the scheme is essential in improving employees’ performance. The available information also highlights that the timeline for implementing time module is short and economical. It is apparent that successfully adoption of the described HRIS products will essentially improve Elora Jean & Co activities considerably.


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Yost, J. (2012). The Computer Industry. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

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