Free Course Work On Criminal Law: Leadership Ethics And Policing

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:04
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Leadership ethics and policing

SARA model is useful problem-solving tool. The abbreviations each represent some measures to be taken in handling the situation. SARA model stands for scanning, analysis, response and assessment. In respect to the overlying problem, each element addresses a different situation. The other model to be incorporated in our problem solving campaign is, General Group Problem Solving (GGPS).

In the scanning element of SARA model, the identification of the recurring problem is taken into account. It is through this that the consequences of the problem are also identified in regards to the affected party. That can be actualized by also involving the affected party in scanning for the overlying problem. For example, how to take on the state of crime in my community in relation to the how it affects and influences the police and community. From GGPS model, it deploys a notion whereby, groups of individuals are able to define some specific required outcome and help in developing goals, and prioritizing the problems.

SARA depicts the analysis of the event and condition, data collection from the norm in reference to the problem and also narrowing the scope of the overlying issue. GGPS also depicts the involved group to also help in identifying the existing gap. SARA’s third element refers to the brainstorming of the remedies to the listed problems. In GGPS model, group involvement helps in leading to the generation of possible reliable ideas through brainstorming. The last element in the SARA’s model is the assessment whereby the pre and post response, quantitative and qualitative data are collected. Then, the evaluation of the problem solving is achieved. It extends to conducting an assessment of the ongoing plans which similar to GGPS’s taking of defining actions to already implemented problem solving ideas.

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