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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:36
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1. The presentation recommends 5 core strategies for gang interventions. Based on the theories studied in Modules 2, 3 and 4,) Chapters 3, 4, and 7 in your text book) which theory do you believe is best represented in these strategies? Why?

I think that social intervention is the best core strategy because it takes care of the individual needs of gang youth. Tailoring an intervention program to the needs of individuals rather than a group is the most effective approach to solving a crime issue. Unlike the other four strategies, social intervention ensures that a gang youth re-enters the social community with very little or even no difficulties. This strategy is highly effective in the sense that it addresses the main cause of gang involvement, which is peer pressure ( The social intervention strategy reduces the influence of peer pressure on targeted persons because it provides associates of gang members with social intervention services (Listwan, 2013).

2. Accurately assessing a gang problem is a crucial first step in effective intervention, as noted in the training module. Where would you go to get the most accurate information regarding gang membership and activity in your community? How would you deal with the stereotypes that are often portrayed by the media in your assessment?

Police stations provide the most accurate information on gang membership and activity in a community. This is because police officers are responsible for maintaining law and order, and as such, they have records of criminal activities in a community. The police monitor communities around the clock to ensure maximum security ( Therefore, they have a lot of information regarding gang membership and activity. The media also provides information on gang membership, but such information may be inaccurate due to criminal stereotypes. However, I would deal with such stereotype by assessing gang membership and activity by comparing information to get the true picture (Listwan, 2013). I would compare press information with police data to ensure that whatever the media is reporting is accurate and consistent.

3. The training module stresses the importance of combining prevention, intervention and suppression programs for the best outcomes. Based on 100 percent, what percentage would you devote to each? Why? Which of the three do you think would be most effective in your community? Why?

I would devote 50 percent for prevention, 30 percent for intervention, and 20 percent for suppression. I would place the highest priority on prevention because I am of the opinion that prevention is better than cure. Prevention of gang membership is a sure way of creating safe communities. My second priority would be intervention because sometimes prevention may fail, and this may lead to the prevalence of gang activities. Therefore, it would be important to intervene so as to reduce the spread gang activities beyond manageable levels. Lastly, I would devote the least priority on suppression because this would not yield significant results in the fight against gang membership. I think that intervention would be the most effective approach to addressing gang activity in Hot Springs Arkansas. This is because there already exists significant levels of gang activities and intervention would promote rehabilitation of criminal behavior (Listwan, 2013).


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