Free Case Study On Burnout

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:24
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1. In what way(s) was Hank experiencing burnout? What else did he experience?
It is observed that Hank is experiencing burnout because he is no longer developing new business for the company. Hank refuses to change his style of doing business despite the fact that he was already advised by Elaine. The marketing proposals that he presents to the clients are not tailor made for them. Hank simply refuses to accept the changes in the manner of doing business in the organization. Another sign that Hank was experiencing burnout was he is becoming cynical and resentful of the operations of the organization. He feels he is no longer in control of his job. Hank, together with another salesperson, Jo Alice Matter always talk to each other complaining about the company. Both have negative emotions. It is also obvious that Hank no longer feel appreciated in the company.
2. What are some ways to avoid the burnout that Hank experienced?
Hank can avoid burnout if he was assigned to another department which could have given him different responsibilities. Hank could have taken a much needed vacation to relieve him from the stress of work. He can take on a new hobby or sport to take his mind off work.
3. What are some other ways in which Elaine, the station’s new VP and GM could have done to help Hank?
Elaine and the GM could have helped Hank by assigning him to another department. He could have been assigned to a different territory where he is not very familiar with the clients. In that way, the job will be more challenging for him. New responsibilities can bring new challenges for Hank which can make him more motivated to work. Elaine and the GM should have consulted with Hank on some business matters where Hank has an expertise. This will make Hank feel important in the organization and more appreciated. Elaine and the GM could have helped Hank by giving him a company all-expense paid vacation to show appreciation for his dedication to the company. The vacation can recharge Hank and maybe when he returns, he will have a better perspective of things. Elaine could have talked to Hank and ask his views on the changes happening in the industry which affects their company.
4. Would you have made the same decision Hank made about retiring instead of getting fired?
Yes, one would have made the same decision as Hank made because getting fired would give him a bad reputation. All his accomplishments and achievements might be negated if he is fired by the company. The respect and honor that he has received from various organizations in the community might be lost. If he retires, he can still be employed by other companies because of his qualifications. If he is fired, other companies might not want to employ him already because there will be a tinge of doubt on his person. One believes that at 65 years old, Hank has nothing else to prove, he has accomplished a lot already. Rather than risk his reputation by being fired, it is best that he retires.

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