Free Case Study On Big Retailers Can Invest In Technology That Is Able To Address The Following Three

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:16
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- Types of technologies that can be used by big retailers to prevent identity thieves from buying merchandise.
- Use of smart cards as identification means which contain embedded technology that is able store some information as well as software that can allow limited processing.
- Embrace use of Tokens which are small devices that are able to change passwords automatically.
- Use of biometrics whereby the customers are identified based on their physical attributes like fingerprints, face, iris, handwriting or voice
- Organizations can adopt the following methods to protect themselves from hackers:
- Content filtering: this entails use of software that is able to prevent transmission of unauthorized information by filtering all information being transmitted from the organization.
- Encryption: this entails use of software that scrambles sensitive information into another form that can only be accessed if one has the correct key or pass word to decrypt the information.
- Firewalls: this entails either hard ware or software that is able to guard private network through analyzing outgoing and incoming information.
- Ethical consideration when in tapping online service providers and reading people’s email?
Communication through internet has provided an efficient mode of information dissemination, but with it are ethical considerations when it comes to accessing information without prior permission or knowledge of the owners.
Whereas it is not morally acceptable to access an individual’s information in cyber space, the benefits of accessing such information for purposes of addressing potential or actual security threat outweighs those of privacy. As long as the information is not being misused by those tapping private networks, it is okay to do so.
- Whether it was ethical for authorities to use one of the high ranking officers to arrest other gang members.
Organized gangs that engage in cyber theft and fraud have no respect all and therefore any strategy adopted by security apparatus to apprehend them is justified.
Cronk, Thomas & Hill, Charles. Global Business Today. McGraw-Hill Australia, 2008

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