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Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:30
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The process of system feasibly analysis means evaluation and scrutiny of the potentiality of a project with an extended objective of sound decision making. It aims at uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of the project. Additionally, feasibility analysis helps to identify the resources required for the implementation of the project. In our case, the project will be the installation of fire detection equipment. Therefore, how best will we conduct a feasibility analysis for this project? The section below gives a detailed discussion about this project’s feasibility analysis (Tatiana 199). We need system analysis in our project of fire equipment installation so as to get rid of any looming leaks and shortcomings that may arise while aiming at the success. For us to come up with a viable and a justifiable proposal, feasibility study is required. Feasibility study depends on needs as well as the available resources for implementation of the project. For our case, we will have to act within the capability of the institution so as not to strain their resources. We will need to inquire how much they are willing to invest in the whole project. Additionally, we ought to seek the available options for the implementation while considering the option of each of the options (Tatiana 199).
A good analysis entails reviewing the historical background of the problem. In our case, we have to review the instances of fire outbreak in the factory. What’s the prevalence of fire occurrence in the factory? In the case of fire, where does it originate? How big are these files? Such questions will help a lot in coming up with the hotspots where the equipment will be installed as well as the type of equipment. It beats no logic to install confiscated equipment when the fire outbreaks are normally small and manageable. Secondly, we will have to review the operation of the company and ascertain some of the units that might cause fire outbreak. The requirements of the fire equipment installation play another vital role while analyzing the feasibility of the project (Tatiana 200). The key factors dictating the requirement analyses are; the operational distribution in terms of the distribution of the operations of the factory. Secondly, the purpose of the project must be clearly established. What do we aim at achieving by installing this fire detection equipment? The definite aim is to be prepared for any fire outbreak and combating it before it gets out of hand. Thirdly, what do we need for the implementation of the project? At this stage, I will present a bill of quantity of the entire project. In addition to the above factors, factors such as the environment, the effectiveness requirements, major interface requirements and; utilization will be deeply scrutinized (Tatiana 203).
The assessment or the study would be based on the outline design of the requirement. First, the question to ask will be; is the company has the amount to finance the project without straining? On the side of installation company, how prepared are you to carry out the project without stretching the available resources? Will the project have any benefit(s) or effects on the community and environment? Assuming the cost will be moderate, and then when these questions are well answered, then the project should commence because it has received an acceptance from the stakeholders. After implementing the project, the next step which is sustainability needs to be evaluated. We will have to come up with ways such as renewed training program and equipment checkup as a way of minimizing any failure of the project in the future (Tatiana 205).
In conclusion, the success of any project lies solely on how detailed and comprehensive the analysis of the feasibility was done. As for the fire equipment installation project, I can say the system feasibility analysis was in depth enough to deem it a success should it be implemented.
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