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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:38
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I have decided to address my report to the director of Anti-Crime Inc. for the state of Philadelphia. I will be recommending a Business Identity Theft course program. The course objective will aim at training and curbing potential devastating repercussions of a business identity theft, which faces both the employers and employees of not only small-scale businesses, but also medium sized businesses.

A decade ago, it was hard for unauthorized party to acquire and use private personal data of another person, but with the growing technology of computing and networking it is now easier. Personal data, especially credit card, bank account number and social security number, is very crucial. When such data is falls into the wrong hands, it’s usually devastating to the owner. If personal information could be made unique, ensuring that it cannot be used by any other person apart from the owner, as it is the case with fingerprints, we would be talking otherwise.

This justifies my reason for recommending that you and your staff take a business identity theft course program. The course starts with an introductory notion of business identity theft and dangers it subjects to enterprises. The course outlines schemes related to common business identity theft and provides real life instances. The course then details different ways of curbing and stopping business identity theft and procedures to take, in case identity theft occurs.

Majority of us have been informed of the matter concerning personal identity theft, which are told in news stories and many commercials on the subject of concern. Business owners are often less informed of the notion of business identity theft and amount of destruction it can incur upon their organization’s reputation and credit. At Anti-Crime Inc., our Business Identity Course program will help the business owners spot problems related to business identity theft and respond effectively to the subject.

For the purpose of training, you will require to have access to a projector and computers. We will train members of your workers, by not only equipping them with enough knowledge, but also making them certified teachers of the course with capability to train new incoming workers. Once we finish training them, we will provide a system software for your network, which will ensure quality security. With our program on your system, security will improve, and thieves will be unable to access bank information, credit card account numbers and other important financial data about your company. By implementing it, I can assure you that scammers will no longer bother you.

Within my actual report, I will conduct a survey on how people in many states that are victims of identity theft. I will be interviewing victims of identity theft and officials in the anti-crime units. Upon completing my survey, I will get valid data. I will then compare my data with information that secondary sources provide as in the past situations. This will surely show how the rate of identity theft crimes has for the past decade increased and is of bother to our society. I will also provide an example of a company that has currently implemented our course, and has broadly benefited.

The Business Identity Theft course is neither complex nor difficult. The course will surely impact positively to your company. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes of the century, therefore, steps should be taken in ensuring we do our best to prevent personal information from getting into the wrong people. This course is a huge Step!

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