Free Book Review On Developing Of Ethical Reasoning

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:07
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Ethics and social conventions, on the one hand, have a long history of relationship. In the United States alone, diverse groups of people were subjected to a severe discrimination due to their nationalities, race, or even disabilities. Starting from the times of slavery up to the present time, ethical principles were often violated by a number of unreasonable people in society. There exist taboos that people accept as justified from birth because these are deeply socially rooted. Unfortunately, most of us are weak and, thus, cannot fight against any social traditions or taboos.
Cultural relativity, on the other hand, means that people can choose other ways to satisfy their needs in society. However, we have long developed traditional ways of living in a community that have become custom and been passed on to the next generation. So, the individuals naturally regard their way of doing things as the only right one. They preoccupy themselves with answering such questions as: How should marriage take place? Who should care for the children? When should children be accepted as adults? How should food be obtained and prepared? How is the society guided? Which sports will be practiced? What religion should we take on? Who judges whom? It is a fact that a society has its own unquestionable rules, taboos, etc. that guide it. They are a true representation of our social choices. Moreover, every now and then practices established in society do violate human rights. In such instances, they need to be criticized. Ethical criticism is allowed in the presence of slavery, racism, murder, fraud, and torture, etc. Schools, in general, should encourage students to think critically and reasonably. Although, this may not always be true, in conflicts involving ethical principles, the ethical principles should win.
Ethics and the law is another important subject area. Many a time we can testify a situation when unethical becomes legal. And more often legislation takes the norms from society to enforce them as laws. The key is that if social conventions cannot be assumed as ethical, then laws we make cannot be assumed as ethical, too. Laws and politics are inseparable, driven by politicians who are motivated by power, not ethical principles.

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