Free Article Review On UN Seeks Action On Syrian Humanitarian Crisis

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:19
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The September 30, 2013 news article in the Voice of America namely “UN seeks action on Syrian Humanitarian crisis” states that the United Nations having arrived at a consensus with the Syrian authorities over the elimination of the stockpiles of chemical weapons, the UN Security Council is developing a strategy to enhance humanitarian access in the war torn nation. Over the recent past, Security Council members; Luxembourg and Australia have been documenting the humanitarian issues in Syria. As Besheer states, the council finally ended the two year deadlock on Syria through the unanimous agreement to a resolution which demanded the Syrian authorities to fully eliminate the chemical weapons it has by mid-2014. The humanitarian effort pushed by the council seeks to impulse Syrian government to fast track safe and uninterrupted access to needy people including crossing the lines of conflict and when required across neighbor states. It is reported that only 12 international aid organizations have been granted access into the country and as the UN reports the entire rural regions and towns have been consciously overwhelmed or detached by fighting. Various check points have been erected on roads impeding the delivery of aid to millions of people urgently needing it. Beesher concludes by stating the assurances the Syrian administration gave to the international community that foreign aid will be delivered to all Syrian citizens without any impartiality.
This article emphasizes on human security as part of the global security concerns. It dwells on the Syrian case where international aid organizations have been denied access to deliver humanitarian assistance to millions of people in dire need. As presented in the article, the need to have sustainable human development is a crucial aspect of the Syrian people and the entire world. The effort by Syrian authorities to impede the delivery of aid to needy people by international aid organizations is a challenge to human security and that is why the UN vigorously intervened.
Besheer, Margaret. "UN Seeks Action on Syrian Humanitarian Crisis." VOA., 30 Sept. 2013. Web. 04 Nov. 2013. .

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