Free Article Review On Facebook: Watching The Watchers By Patrick White

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:25
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Facebook has become a popular networking tool over the years. Initially, it was widely used by teenagers and young people but even older people have joined its use because of the numerous advantages associated with Facebook. Facebook has become a powerful tool for strengthening relationships amongst families, as opposed to the belief that it causes family dysfunctions. For instance, Ms. Van der Spank was able to hold healthy conversations with her children after she joined Facebook and became friends with her children. She was able to understand what was happening in her children’s lives as opposed to the initial response of “Oh, Nothing” that she used to get from her kids. Ms. Van der Spank could easily start a conversation with her kids about what she saw on Facebook such as talking about the breakups in their relationships.
A change in the manner Ms. Bromberg relates with her mother is another example given that shows how Facebook has enhanced family ties. Ms. Bromberg confessed that the idea of her mother being on Facebook was actually a good one because they became very close, and she was treated more like a friend. Actually, Facebook has assisted to open up the reality of what happens in the daily lives of both children and the parents. It is as though the bridge has been created to close the gap between the family lives showing what parents undergo as well as the experiences of children while in schools. Besides, Facebook has the advantage of allowing people to socialize with different people of different ages and gain a better understanding of their traditions, values, and culture. Therefore, in as much as parents and even kids may keep some of their information private they can maintain strong networks by chatting through Facebook.

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