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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:23
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Lamborghini has toyed over the four-door concept car, the Lamborghini Estoque, since 2008. The first sedan sports car concept was unveiled in 2008 at the Paris auto show. This announcement raised interest among Lamborghini fans, but hopes of producing the four-door sedan has remained by the wayside. Since the late 1980s, Lamborghini has maintained the convertible corral and coupe formats. Increased consumer interest in the Aston Martin Rapid and Porsche Panamera sedans raised interest from Lamborghini company executives to venture into the sedan market. Unlike Gallardo, Murcielago, or Aventador two-seat supercars, the four-door Lamborghini was expected to have its engine located in front of the driver.
On September 2014, Lamborghini sent invites to fans to the company’s press conference at the Paris 2014 Motor Show scheduled for October 2, 2014. The invites ware distributed to the press via email. The image of the concept car was accompanied by the tag line, ‘once perfection is achieved, you can just double it.’ This tag line hinted that it was time the company unveiled the four-sedan model. The media image not only teased fans with the concept car, but perhaps provided a preview of what could be work-in-progress for the four-door Lamborghini sedan. Contrary to speculations, the four-door sedan was not unveiled at the Paris 2014 auto show. Instead, Lamborghini unveiled the Lamborghini Asterion hybrid model, which it described as classic, production-friendly, and exotic in style.
As for now, the four-door Lamborghini remains a dream that is yet to be realized. Other than the four-door concept car teaser image distributed to the press weeks before the Paris 2014 Auto Show, the production of the four-door Lamborghini remains a future innovation, if not future speculation, for the company.
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