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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:43
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The purpose why I would campaign against the banning of the Handmaid novel is due to its themes which has major implication on the current societies worldwide. (Atwood, p7) The main themes in this novel involve Feminism, the place of the individual in society, sexuality and power, the power of language, gender conflict and moral relativism. It is due to these themes which has hierarchical condemnation that drives those at authority feel sliced and thus intrigue the Bunning of this novel. My aim is to campaign against banning of this novel since it has consideration of individuals who are mostly affected by the dictatorship form of a ruling system.
Atwood’s novel is the story of a woman who had what would be considered widely a normal American life. She was a family woman with a career, children and husband. After the U.S. government was replaced by the Republic of Gilead after its overthrow, she lost her family, career and rights. Women were not allowed to study as in accordance to the Republic of Gilead, and they were divided into different positions. The novel focuses on the future. Offred, who is a Handmaid in the home of senior commander, is allowed out once a day to the food market. She is not allowed to study, and she hopes to be impregnated by the commander since she was only valued only if her ovaries were viable. (Stanners, p144) It is, therefore, very easy to understand why this book could be easily suppressed or banned since it tells a story that ought to be told and remembered especially to those who have similar experiences, as well as cautioning against the future.
Measures that I would include for the implementation of my plan
I would use mobilization methods to campaign against the banning of this novel. In the mobilization, I look forward to illuminating to the public some of the interconnections between sex and politics. According to Handmaid; an unreal world gone acerbic through romanticism and idealism that fails to match to the principles, behaviors, and expectations of real people. In the face of uncontrollable sexual license, venereal disease, abortion protest, gang rape, pornography, as well as the disheartenment of traditional values. My mobilization theme to the public would entirely focus on improving human life. However, as the Commander declares, some people are intended to descend short of the outline within which the new society is considerable fashioned, the principled and moral yardstick by which manners is measured.
The commander has chauvinistic and prejudice comment which is in its description of some people. With his some people, he focuses on a considerable portion of the U.S. population including all female, non-fundamentalist victims, underground and homosexual. Through mobilizations, I would enlighten individuals on their rights, especially respect to human rights whereby I would enlighten women to campaign against sexual harassment incidence. I would emphasize on campaigned against banning of this novel as I would still enlighten women to condemn feminist dystopia which in accordance to this novel is evicted as men having greater rights than all of the women whereby they seem to always at the top layer while women are at the bottom layer. The novel should not be banned as it tries to condemn dictatorship. For instance, Gilead is the typical kind of dictatorship: formed like a pyramid, with the authority of both sexes at the climax, the men at large outranking the women at an equal level; then downward levels of status and power with men and women in each, all the way to the bottom.
My campaign against banning of this novel would also involve partnership through collaboration with gender equality movements as well as experts who values human rights and social wellbeing. Through partnership, I would campaign against social injustice. In this novel, there is evidence that people are grouped into categories and dressed in accordance to their social functions. There is race discrimination also. (Atwood, p 205) Blacks are addressed as the Children of Ham; Jews as Sons of Jacob, which is also the name of the group leaders that rule Republic of Gilead. The Jews were being discriminated by being forced to convert to Christianity or to immigrate to Israel. This portrays the violation of freedom of worship. Many were even dumped into the sea on the way over in boats, as a consequence of privatization of the repatriation program so as to capitalize on private profits. (Crutcher, p101) Reproductive value of white women in accordance to this novel is privileged over that of others. And this portrays there is immense racial discrimination and differences. Sexes are strictly segregated in such a manner that women are classified hierarchically in accordance to class rank and reproductive capability as well as color difference according to their function and their labor.
Use of media such as televisions, radios, newspapers and social Media
I would campaign against the banning of this novel through use of different media channels. This is to ensure that the message reaches diverse population worldwide. I would use bold and colored headlines especially in newspapers so as to attract the attention of my readers. I would also ensure that the message is clear and precise to those visualizing it through TVs, in her novel, Handmaid explains that it was after frequent efforts to access her finances does Offred realize that management of assets was out of existence for the women of Gilead.
Social media
Although the accustomed book publicists still perceive book reviews as mainly appearing in magazines, newspapers and journals, there are also vast online platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp to get book reviews. I can approach social Facebook pages of practitioners working in the field of transitional justice and human rights, Twitter book reviewers and other bloggers. I would as well ensure I have mobilized them to join me in the campaigns against banning of the novel such as peaceful protests in Twitter where I would upload photos of the novel and human wellbeing banners for “#tagging”. I can also use social media such as to encourage socialists to advocate for the novel. For example by creating pages in face book to invite many people and enlighten them on the need for not banning the novel since it condemns the actions that look down on the human wellbeing.
Involvement of community members
For the implementation of my plan, I would ensure that there is participation of women from local sectors including school sectors, community sectors, politicians, entrepreneurship, among others, who are mostly affected by the political changes in terms of sexual harassment. This is to enhance effective decision making as well as considering the requirement of these individuals who have the grass root experiences of the challenges they encounter such as when they lack education, poor employment, poor infrastructures and who are mostly unrecognized in case of development programs.
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