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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:54
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Value-neutral history/background of the college curriculum and the rise in the tuition cost
For many decades now tuition in colleges has been on the rise with some figures completely exhausting parents who cannot afford to send their children to college. The cost of raising a child and taking him or her through the college curriculum is relatively high comparing with the earlier times. In his works, Bowen, (2012) depicts the rise in cost of education in colleges and has been on the rise with as much as 10% inflation in the period between 2000 and 2010. The cost of college tuition has risen. However, there are reasons, which have contributed to the rise such as economic upheavals.
It had been previously thought that a rising trend had been mostly thought to be in the private sector but that is not the case; the public sector too is hit. Evidence shows that there is a sharper consistent increase in price higher education as compared to general inflation (Archibald & Feldman, n.d.).
This phenomena is well defined by the various aspects of college life; textbooks, tuition, residential life among other aspects. College cost is not just affected by internal forces; economic forces in the market, which influence prices too, also influence it. The big picture is that the education prices in colleges rise and sometimes become a burden to parents. Taking a good example of this case is the Pomona College in California. The college was founded in 1887 and is one of the top colleges offering courses in fine arts in USA. it houses close to 1600 students each evenly divided between male and female with a student to faculty ratio of 8:1. This means that students access more of the items in the faculty more easily. To achieve this quality education, the cost of tuition thus rises as a result.
While many individuals cannot afford a degree in college, it is difficult to get a job without a college degree. With this condition in the jobs market, it is almost essential one to acquire a degree to find a job. the expenses of college tuition thus continue to increase, with the large enrollment numbers of students in search of college degrees. When students enroll, the financial cost to maintain them in the college rises with their number. Community colleges are cheaper but students transfer from this colleges after maybe two years and join more expensive where they can access academic facilities. This is a clear argument on the rise of tution cost in the college curriculum.
Is there any solution to this issue? It is not a constraint that has gone unnoticed and many individuals are complaining and have cried foul over the progressive increase in tuition costs. However if many countries do not lower their college tuition rates then they are going to be in a state like that of Chile. Many students who are complaining about the college expenses and demanding education reform are protesting the Chilean education structure, closely styled on the United States private and public learning institutions. If countries do not look at this issue then the same situation could rise (Thelin, 2013).
Acknowledgment the rise in the rise in the cost of college tuition
Even if the cost is high, we can look at the issue in another way. All students need to remember that the public option is available. The technical schools and community colleges are still affordable. It is not necessary for one to attend a university that is very expensive so that one can get a degree it matters with the student. What does the student want to achieve? Does he have the right and the required skills in his or her course? If a student studies seriously it does not matter the type of college he or she studied at, what matters is whether he or she has the skills needed for him or her to get a job. This shows that there are still affordable colleges which individuals can attend to and acquire degrees hence find jobs (Cooper, 1992).
How and under what conditions the rise in the rise of college tuition is not valid
Despite the concern about the increasing cost of higher education, most individuals believe that if a student want to get an education there are modes to make that happen. Such a student will have to make compromises like attending to a school that is less expensive or going to part time jobs, but if motivation is less education is within reach. If an individual really wants to go to a university, one can get a way of paying to it, even if one has to go to school and still work. Many individuals also feel and see that financial help is available, particular to a student who has the will to take or borrow money, which is loan. Almost anyone who requires financial assistance to enroll to a college can get financial help or loans. Community colleges are seen to be less expensive hence many people attend this colleges for like two years so that they can save and go to a n expensive college with the money the individual saved for the rest of the other two years. One will acquire a degree without even indicating that one once attended a community college. This position is valid when looking at this issue because if an individual really want to go to a college he or she will work or do what he or she can to enroll. He or she can borrow loans or even do part time jobs so that he or she can get a chance of attending a college no matter the expenses,(Langwith, 2009).
Reconcile the two sides and the benefits of reconciliation
It is clear that the college tuition is expensive. In the past few years, it has gone high with no sign of posing. With the increase of cost of living, it is turning out to be a challenge for individuals to pay for education and therefore acquire degrees. This leads to many individuals being employed to less wage jobs so that they can avoid the huge debts they might accumulate by attending a college.
The college tuition is high as statistics show. However, should people stop attending colleges? No, individuals should accept the situation and start to look in ways of adapting or working out to look at the issue.
The best way to approach this situation is by accepting it, those who can afford the high cost will go straight to college not minding whether it is expensive or not while those who cannot afford they will find ways in which can make them enroll in a college. These ways are such as first attending less expensive colleges so that one can save money to attend an expensive college which offers a degree of high quality, borrowloans, study while still dong part time jobs. This will really help because each individual will accept his or her situation that is whether he or she can afford the high cost of college tuition or not and find a way of looking at the matter. With this there will be less compliant of the issue about the high cost of college tuition despite the truth is that it is high bit there are ways to overcome the issue even if it is not an easy way.
It is evident that the college tuition cost is rising as each days goes. This is contributed by the difficult economic conditions being experience globally. There is an enormous impact of this rise in college education. However, the institutions should take several actions to lower their cost of tuition because they are the one who have expensive tuition. This is to prevent the cost barrier which hinder the students from enrolling into the universities. Students on the other hand should try to adopt the economic changes. They can do this by attending school while working part time and borrowing loans to pay their college fees. Those individuals who are not aware of this will end up being employed in low wages jobs with the qualification of high school marks because they cannot afford the high cost. To conclude on the whole issue is that as long as there are affordable options out there if people get to know about them then they will not be concerned whether there are also expensive choices and hence any individual who is really motivated to attend a college will definitely do (Vedder 2004).
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