Free Annotated Bibliography On Marriage And Relationships

Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:21
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Alexander, S. (2012). “Creating Excellent Relationships That Can Lead to Marriage”. Marriage Transformation LLC. Retrieved from 8th October, 2013

The work seeks to evaluate the path towards the realization of healthy marriages. This is with respect to the eventual turn of events under the marriage union. Apparently, the marriage, as a union, is challenged by a set of difficulties in terms of the sustainability and the eventual success of a significant number of marriages. The author seeks to commence a comparison between the contributors of successful unions against the promoters of the failed unions. The eventual desire of the publication is to point on the possible causes of marriage unions and propose the appropriate remedies. Apparently, the author is obliged to draw out the connection between a successful relationship and the eventual marriage. This is with respect to the common belief that a marriage is the conclusion of a relationship. The sampled illustrations point out that healthy relationships eventuate into an akin marriage. However, the author is keen to point out that the contribution of the couple towards sustainability of the union is critically essential.

Benson, H. (2013) “the myth if long term stable relationships outside marriages”. The Marriage foundation. Retrieved on 8th October, 2013

The paper works on a discrete set of statistics, with the primary concern being pegged on the contemporary marriage institution. The work seeks to paint a set of proposals on the possible angles of address that can configure a solution towards the problem. Apparently, their findings painted an ideal picture of the facts that shape a number of families under the contemporary society. Their findings are gathered from credible institutions. This boosts the viability of the study. This study can be essential towards the realization of an effective and functional analysis on the correlation between marriages and relationships. However, it is the perception of the authors towards the social conviction defined by the union of marriage that raises a concern amongst the audience. The work presents an analogue of facts and findings that assist in the definition of the marriage institution in a manner that captures the credibility of the presentation.

Blanco, R. (2012). “The journey towards marriage: Relationships before marriage from the perspective of a newly engaged couple” The Family Watch. Retrieved on 8th October, 2013

The paper is oriented towards the realization of the eventual contributory elements that assist in towards the realization of a successful marriage. The unique aspect of the paper is the platforms upon which the deductions are fetched. Apparently, a number of authors have illustrated a conviction of the marriage being nurtured from the occurrence of a healthy relationship. However, little concerns have been annexed on the aspects that contribute to the described occurrence from the marriage perspective. This reduction is described as the leading point behind the presentation by the author. The primary quest is described as the contributing elements that are fetched from a healthy relationship and are essential towards the success of the conclusion of the union.

Faust, E., J., (2012)“Strengthening Marriage Relationships”. Home and Family Education. Retrieved on 8th October, 2013

The development of this work was advised by the progressive failure of the marriage institution. Apparently, the statistical records deployed by the authors indicated that the possibility of registering a divorce upon the unification into marriage was rising in a steady precision. In this regard, the role of the church towards the realization of stable marriages was proposed. The authors proceeded to dissect the bible in the hope of developing theological angles upon which the stabilization of the union can be achieved. This is proposed along the descriptions of the topic, with the conclusion of strengthened marriages being inferred accordingly.

Harknett, K. (2012). “Is a Bad Economy Good for Marriage? The Relationship between Macroeconomic Conditions and Marital Stability from 1998-2009.” National Poverty Center. Retrieved on 8th October, 2013

This paper seeks to reflect on the contribution of the economic advancements towards the stability of the marriage union. Apparently, the authors share the conviction of the union being challenged by a sequence of rational forces that define the well being of the society. A number of the selected references in initial studies point to the failure of the institution of marriage to be angled at the social perspective of the humanity. This includes the illustration of the contributions that are akin to the union with respect to the content. However, the author is convinced that a number of the challenges that affect the union are not calculated from the perception of failed crisis mitigation but the inability to secure a solution to the economic crisis. Apparently, the struggle to meet the demanding ends of economic constraints have been described to eventuate into the optimal disarray of the institution. The author is convinced that the success of the institution is only achievable upon the elimination of the economic bottlenecks. These hurdles have been identified as the eventual determinants of the realization of the prospective success of the union.

Kerpelman, J. (2012) “Why Marriage and Relationship Education Matters to Youth” national resourced centre or healthy marriage and families. Retrieved on 8th October, 2013

This publication focuses on the role of educating the youth towards the concept of marriage and relationships. Apparently, the author shares the perception of the possible mechanism that results in the failure of relationships and marriages at large. The impression is fetched from the proposal on the preparation of the youth towards their future responsibilities. Apparently the publication points out on the adolescent as the ideal age upon which the seed of relationships. The prospective of realizing the eventual logical conclusion of a relationship is challenged by the preparations that are annexed to the whole process. Apparently, the preparation of successful marriages is founded on the establishment of comprehensive launch platforms. The author proposes the adoption of the quest to foster resilience in the youths over the ability to sustain relationships.
NCFMR, (2012). “Relationship Quality Among Married and Cohabiting Couples” NCFMR Family Profiles. Retrieved on 8th, October, 2013 from

This presentation is rather explicit on its interest. The authors seek to compare the success level of the two distinct models of relationships. These include the married and the cohabiting couples. The success of each of the two relationships is viewed along the contributory perspectives that determine their formation. Apparently, unions founded on marriage are described as rather stable as compared to the other model of unions.

Tumuti, W., D., Ireri, M., A., and Tumuti. W., J. (2012). “Relationship Guidance Sources, Fears and Reasons for Marriage among Young Urban Christians in Kenya”. International Journal of Prevention and Treatment. Retrieved from 8th October, 2013

This publication seeks to identify the possible sources of relationship advices for the youth population. This is with respect to the descriptive nature of the contemporary marriage institution. Apparently, the authors proceeded to draft a perception akin to that of Kerpelman (2012) with respect to the role of the adolescent towards the realization of healthy marriages. Relationships at the youth level have been illustrated as being critical towards the preparation of the institution of marriage. The authors documented the failures of marriage to be accredited to the mistakes that were pursued under the teenage relationship setting. On this regard, the desire to seek the sources of their relationship advises was proposed and promoted.

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