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The country of United States of America has had different times in its history that different important things have happened. These things have helped shape the country to where it is now. Among these things that help shape the country are wars, demonstrations, strikes and other rebellions that have been of great help in the introduction of several laws in the country. The differences between the groups that constitute the population of the country have been differing over time, and this has helped since they discussed and came to a common ground after many years. These different incidences and different wars have been recorded by enthusiasts through different media such as an audio message, written texts such as books, and journals among other things. The last medium is through the use of video and audio message. This has truly helped in the people who have tried to preserve the history of the country in a better way. Among these methods used to preserve history is a book by Mark Twain, the Adventures of Huckleberry

Finn: A Case Study of critical controversy. The book has several controversies that are used to show how the history of the Americans particularly the relationship between the whites and the African Americans.

Mark Twain wrote the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A case study of critical controversy. This book was written to express the type of lives that the Americans experienced during the days of slavery. The writer uses different ways to show the different lives that the natives and the slaves lived. There is use of humor to make the story interesting as well as passing the intended message to the public. In this book, we see Huck trying different ways to rescue Jim, who is a slave from his master. Huck does this with the help of Tom Sawyer. The writer tells of the different feuds that exist between families. He tells this of how two families end up killing each other due to the indifferences that are between only two members from the different families. He goes on to explain to Jim that he has his own rights and that he owns himself. Mark Twain explores the gullibility of the people in the society through different methods. The most obvious one is when the duke and the king go up to the poor and get money from them, and they remain unsuspecting of whether the people getting money from them are the duke and the king. In this book, Huck says that the society is misleading by relying on the characters from the bible where as they should learn about the civilized life.

There is a particular incidence at Aunt Sally’s place that contained much controversy as well as contributed in the making of the plot of the book. It is here that Huck together with Tom plan on freeing Jim from his new masters. With the absence of Aunt Sally, Huck and Tom are able to change identities in their quest for freeing Jim. The amazing thing is that Jim is supposed to be a free man and Tom knows this though he continues drawing the plan of saving Jim. Instead of sneaking Jim out also, Tom uses a plan that involves secret passages and tunnels as well as a rope ladder that is sent in Jim’s food. They manage to escape and Tom happens to be shot in the leg. Instead of Jim fleeing, he sticks with him and takes him to the hospital. When Aunt Sally arrives at her house, she manages to point out the true identities of Huck and Tom. She also says that Jim is a free man and that he should not be kept as a slave. The different controversies help realize that the white people could relate with the slaves under other different other than slave-master relationship.

There are different mediums that explain how slavery came into being in the United States of America. This happened when the Africans were sold into the country as slaves in the 17th Century such as the year 1619. . They were mostly used in the cotton farms. The fight for the freedom stated with time, leading to the creation of the abolition movement and ended up into the Civil War.

In order to solve the situation, the slaves were forced to find a solution. There was the rise of the abolitionist movement. This movement was focused on ensuring that all slaves were freed from their respective masters. This movement also aimed at ending the racial segregation that was in the country. They were different from the normal anti-slavery advocates since they were more radical, and they were advocating for the immediate release of the slaves. This was partly fueled by certain religions such as the religious fervor of the Second Great Awakening. They were now focused on the release of the slaves on the basis of religion. The Northern churches together with those in politics contained the larger number of the people who were abolitionists in the 1830s. This was, however, not very successful. In the end, it culminated into the Civil war. The group that was initially unaffiliated to military ways of fighting the rights took up different options. This ended up in the people acquiring political affiliations.

The film, the Civil War by Ken Burns was acted in 1990 so as to give a clear picture of what happened in the Civil War. This was done in a way that combines both the visual as well as the audio explanation of what happened in the Civil War that started in 1861. The story is spread out through the different episodes to explain the whole story of the Civil War. At the beginning of the film, there is the introduction of slavery that is portrayed. This is the main cause of the war that breaks off. There are several notable characters that were used to propel the war in different ways. There are different reasons, however, that the war cause to break off. Apart from slavery, the unions’ differences spark off a war between the slaves and the native people of America. As the war progresses, Lincoln moves to free the slaves from their hosts. He was convinced that this was now morally as well as militarily crucial to the future of the Union. However, the war rages on and the slaves are freed. There were wars that happened in different states across the country. This led to bloody wars that were difficult for Lincoln to explain.

The war rages on between Lincoln and the two generals. The elections are nearing, and Lincoln becomes concerned that he might not be able to make it to re-election due to the state of the country. This was in 1864. The war had been fought for three years now. After re-election, Lincoln is now determined to end the war. However, the war ends when General Lee surrenders. Five days later, however, Lincoln is assassinated and the perpetrator, John Wilkes Booth is caught. This led to the unification of the country from a collection of states they were.
Hate speech is speech that is directed at a person or a group that intends to harm, threaten, or offer insults on different grounds such as race, gender, age, as well as social status. This was passed on in 1789 in the constitution of United States of America. There are different parts that were added with time so as to make the law very effective so as to cover all grounds of curbing hate speech. This was, however, elaborated and concluded in the best way by Justice Frank Murphy in 1942. The laws were well fulfilled over time as the Supreme Court elaborated more on what the law meant as the cases involving the hate speech increased.

Over time, there has been a question on whether the Huck Finn books should be taught in schools. This book should not be taught in the schools because of various reasons. To begin with, the book undermines the state of the black ethnic group and has been banned under racism grounds. The book does not view the African Americans in the same level as the Americans. Even though other people rate it as the best piece of literature written, the values that will be acquired from this piece of art will be deteriorating the values that the readers read. The book requires extra involvement from the teachers, and this will make it hard for the students who are from the high school classes from knowing the particular book. This has been seen in

The Struggle for Tolerance: Race and Censorship in Huckleberry Finn by Peaches Henry. This book analyzes the critics such as bad grammar, atheism coarse manners as well as the low moral tone. This created a problem, when the book was used in classrooms that had both black and white students and resulted in protests and the subsequent banning of the book. Julius Lester offers a very strong indictment to the main character who is Huck Finn. He says that the book is dangerous on ethical terms and that the writer does not take the black people or slavery seriously. He says that the writer shows Jim as a person who behaves in a child-like manner and that he also lack self-respect as well as the dignity that he ought to have.

In conclusion, the slavery in the American history started a long time ago. There have been incidences that have been seen in the history of America as the slaves together with their activists searched for the freedom for the slaves. Together with this, there have also been numerous books that are written to represent the history. The United States of America for instance had a war, the civil war, which was as a result of the slavery and indifference among the government and the activists. This has been explained above, and it shows the sequential progresses of what happened from one period to another. This happened as the slaves fought for the emancipation from the masters. This was achieved after the Civil War. This means a lot to the current state of the country since it determined how the way the different races in the country could co-exist.

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