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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:16
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Adult Education has become an exciting opportunity for learning and interesting professionals. With tie this filed has grown in proportions, dynamism and creates opportunity for everyone involved. At present, greater than 50% of total American college students are above 21 years of age and almost 15% are above 35 years. Authorities predict that percentage of adult students will continue to rise in coming years. Researchers have also found that every adult remains engaged in learning projects in which large amount of time are assigned to self directed study. Annually, average 500 hours are spent by adult in learning projects (, 2012).
The first strategy developed from this course on adult education was Reflection. Learning from experiences can be done of it allows us to absorb (read, hear, feel), Do (activity) and Interact (socialize) (Wertenbroch & Nabeth, 2000). Reflection involves continuous thinking where current experiences are linked with past ones for promotion of more interrelated and complex mental schema. This thinking involves searching for interrelations, commonalities and differences beyond superficial elements. Reflection is the first step to achieve the learning outcomes in this course.
The second strategy is Identification. Once you are done with reflection the next thing you realize is Identification, which are gaps in your knowledge,. This can be identification of knowledge gaps, process gaps and any other essential discrepancies. For identification of awareness raising activities in adult education field in depth research on current initiatives for promotion of adult learning is taken care of in this course. Classification of activities for identification can be done on the basis of geographic location, format/type of activity, initiative aims and target groups (European Guide, 2012).
Finally, the final strategy of Coaching promotes ability of learner to reflect on actions and their results for learning their effectiveness. This helps in development of refinement plan for using the most effective action of past in future decision making situations (Rush & Shelden, 2005). Coach’s primary role is proving supportive environment for learners for examination and reflection on present actions, developing new competencies and skills with use of feedback from past actions.
The knowledge gained from this course can be used in most career decisions as reflection, identification and coaching are important entities of learning. This course has helped in understanding and developing Communication competence, critical thinking, contextual competence, Aesthetic sensibility, professional identity, professional ethics, adaptive competence, leadership capacity and motivation among other important outcomes of this course. The skills can be used in many facets of professional and personal decisions.
Reflection exercises can be best understood with reflective essays. These formal entries help in understanding the role of leadership in adult education and professional world (Pierce). To gain wisdom from experiences reflection exercises are great help, as thinking back on significant course events has helped in identifying the relations between different actions. Identification of tools which are needed for continuation of lifelong learning process and opportunity for continuation of providing service to others has been learned through this course. Coaching come from inside as a leader has to be aware of who he is and how he is perceived. For this strengths and weaknesses are required to be accessed and learning and developing helps in becoming a better leader. Leader has to be the model for his subordinates. Thus, Feedback is essential for coaching exercise which has been covered in this course.
This exercise of reflection on the course of adult education has helped me in capturing the essence of this course. It helped me in understanding the three important themes of the course and its relation with practice of leadership in organizational context. As a learner I have realized the gaps in knowledge and skills set which I possess at present. With the feedback exercise I have identified the areas where additional attention is needed to help in improve my decision making and competence.
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