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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:39
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Ans 1)
The Acorn house restaurant is considered as a pioneer among all who introduced the concept of eco-friendly restaurant culture in the London City. Therefore, a sustainable approach is the primary selling point of the Acorn house restaurant as a whole. According to the case study, they came up with a mission to alter the ways people eat out and a great example for the existing and future restaurants to promote and transform the sustainable culture into the restaurant industry, as well as future hospitality experts. The restaurant started its operations by the year 2006 and in the city of London. All the restaurant products, services, and resources are totally based on organic and recycled materials. There are numerous selling points that the restaurant contain in order to fascinate the people to enjoy green food and atmosphere. Every selling point from design to the serving of food is highly aimed to be real healthy, environmentally conscious and sustainable. AHR always strives to go with recycle strategy, making an effort to preserve energy, utilization of organic and ethical product and materials. The menu card is full with organic and fresh seasonal offers that are directed to a nutritious eating culture that is a premium appealing feature. Moreover, the menu is written on recycled paper and makes use of vegetable ink. According to case Study, the Acorn house restaurant has been honored with awards due to the effective maintenance of sustainability within the premises of the restaurant.
The restaurant is committed to making sure the influence of organic and recycles based materials in every single area of the restaurant where possible. Another competitive advantage that is held by the restaurant is that their kitchen structure and environment is apparent to their customers that help in boosting the confidence level of the customer over the green and hygienic conscious food. The restaurant is usually purchased food from the local sustainable suppliers and farmers or which they mainly cultivate in their garden. This is quiet supportive for the London’s food strategy proposed by the Mayor to keep the food system sustainable. Moreover, this approach will certainly lend a hand in attracting local and organic suppliers to integrate with the London food market. In addition to it, the Acorn home restaurant also committed to import certain material, crockery and others by means of the boat channel rather plane as the boat is less expensive that conserve surplus transportation charges. The customer can easily find the green philosophy from every facet of the restaurant as food, furniture, design and so on. Even, the floors of the restaurant are eco-friendly oriented and recyclable; the furniture like tables are made up of green NORWEGIAN wood while, the tops and legs of the chair are also manufactured through recycled plastic and 80% recycled stainless steel used in it. Moreover, the packaging for take-away is also made with recycled materials and draws a focus on sustainability assurance. Similarly, all the stuff of kitchen is primarily based on recycled plastic and glasses even the organic wall paint that has been used is also eco- supportive. It is not just over to provide green food; they make sure to offer a huge list of local English wines where the BELU has been assigned to supply bottles because the all the bottles are created by eco-friendly corn.
Ans 2)
The aforementioned table illustrates the hypothetical cost-benefit analysis that has been performed by considering each and every area of the Acorn home restaurant. The table shows that the revenue generated by the restaurant for the year is estimated to be AUD 412,261.68. On the other hand, the total cost that would be incurred in purchasing of goods is expected to be AUD123, 678.48. By considering this, the restaurant would have the opportunity to hit considerable profit per annum by meeting all the necessities of the restaurant.
Ans 3)
According to a case study, there are certain steps that take into consideration during the implications of portion control management. The initial step starts with the identification of the problem due to which portion control management will be performed. The problem is to save maximum waste and recycle them to save money. The next is to figure out classification of decision that will react as a criterion to work on the identified problem. Now, the next step is developing the possible alternatives that could be favorable or efficient enough to discharge the portion control management. After selecting the possible alternative that will cope over the situation, the following step is to critically analyze all the options that have been listed down to work for the entire process. After evaluating all the alternatives from various aspects, the next thing is to select the best alternative that will be the key to execute the entire portion control management in an efficient manner. At last, make sure the implementation of desired alternative and get the effective consequences.
Ans 4)
SWOT analysis is a marketing tool that is widely exploited and reliable enough to figure out the business stance. The framework is a combination of strengths, weakness that is internal factors, and opportunities and threats that come under external factors. The model plays a crucial role in sorting out the loopholes of business and overcoming with an effective strategy. Hereunder, we will conduct a SWOT analysis of the Acorn home restaurant in a detailed manner.
- Every part of the restaurant is Eco-friendly
- Sustainable Environment that provide relax and comfortable atmosphere to the people
- All food and material are organic, and recycled based that mitigate the cost
- Running training programs for the local community every year
- Prices are affordable and it meets the worth of the food
- The staff is polite and friendly
- Attractive seasonal menu
- Energy efficient operations
- Waste reduction
- Limited range of food offerings
- The waiters and staff are not fully familiar with the origin of the food and dishes
- The presentation of the dishes is not up to the mark
- The restaurant’s van has not been converted into bio fuel that is contrary to sustainable philosophy
- The company is aimed to open Procurement Company that deal with the rubbish and recycle the waste of restaurant that minimizes the cost incurred in disposal.
- People are becoming more health conscious, and most of the eating trend is captured by hygiene food
- The increasing demand of sustainable products
- The increasing demand in attaining low price and quality food as the present financial scenario may results in mitigating the buying capacity of the people to afford expensive restaurants
- The growing trend of reduced water usage and lesser carbon footprints
- The competition is becoming higher and many restaurants are engaging to implement sustainable approach over their business with reasonable food prices
- The economic downturn may turn down the consumer spending and reduction in the disposal income
- Slowdown the frequency of new customers entering into the sustainable restaurants
Ans 5)
According to a case study, the concept of sustainability is very hard to understand and define by the consumers as well as restaurant operators. However, it is progressively more significant for the businesses of this century. However, to some against, the adoption of this concept may go against the larger chain restaurant business. A huge split of consumers is now health conscious and they mainly prefer those food service restaurants that are more socially conscious. The large chain restaurants are now very much aware of the fact that the essence of a green approach is becoming necessary to remain competitive in the potential industry. Moreover, the sustainability strategy gives economic prosperity to the large chain restaurants by raising the net income of the venture. Similarly, the productivity will also boost, as a result, of commitment towards the socially responsible attitude. The recycling and reuse philosophy helps the restaurants to minimize the wastage and it is the best way that plays an important part in implementing cost cutting measures.
However, some arguments that are going against the eco-friendly restaurant concept because there are few authorized organic restaurants. Therefore, those certified organic restaurants are exempted from the organically certified process, and this will adversely impact the standards of organic restaurant. On the other hand, a sustainable food is more time consuming than traditional food, and it may extensively impact the large chain restaurants in terms of cost. The large chain restaurants may also suffer from customer backlash because if the customer will be familiar that the restaurant is undertaken green washing, then the credibility of the restaurant will be badly impacted.
Ans 6)
There are a number of innovative ideas that have been discussed in the case study, and most of them are equally supportive in the best interest of the restaurant. The idea that impressed me a lot is to grant an authority to the customer to size their portions. This will ultimately save the wastage, and also provide a striking option to the customer to save their money from would incur in the case of wastage. This is also the fundamental focal area of Mr Potts Dawson’s because it can help in preserving the cost of restaurant from wastage. The Acorn home restaurant has a policy of zero wastage and in compliance with it, their wastage is likely to be mulched and recycled through various processes then it is used as a soil for the garden of the restaurant. These days, restaurants are paying highly for carrying off the garbage and it is expected to elevate in upcoming years. The concept of recycling the wastage will certainly become successful due to progressive pressures of financial climate that will encourage the people to adopt green solutions. While, the Acorn home restaurant is expected to set an instance for future cost cutting by originating the procurement company that will be taken off and recycle the waste from another restaurant within the minimum cost.

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