Forensic Nurses Role In Injuries With Three Levels Of Prevention Course Works Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:40
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Nurses in the area of forensics play an important role in various aspects. Nurses in the forensic area use all three levels of prevention. The three levels of prevention are termed as primary. Secondary, and tertiary prevention. Forensic nurses play an important role in each prevention plan. Forensic nurses are educated and trained to deal with the worst trauma situations. Forensic nurses specialize in key areas of community and domestic violence. Continued education in key areas of violence are important for forensic nurses.

The primary prevention plan would include the development of programs that would promote safety to all individuals. Forensic nurses would also be involved in the avoidance of violence. Forensic nurses would help in the prevention of domestic or community violence. Forensic nurses would also ensure to prevent both intentional and non-intentional violence. The secondary prevention plan would include direct care to the victim and perpetrators of the crime or violence. The nurse would provide timely and sensitive care to the victim. It is important that the forensic nurse communicates with the victim to ensure a steady recovery.

Effective communication with the injured victim would ensure a faster and effective recovery. Lastly, the tertiary prevention plan would include client referral. Forensic nurses would refer the clients (injured victims) to an appropriate community services. The tertiary plan is the most crucial since it provides rehabilitation and psychological intervention to the victim. The tertiary plan would also involve a follow-up to ensure that the victim is free from physical injury. It would also help the forensic nurse to evaluate the psychological and emotional health of the victim. It would also help the victim to deal with trauma and live a quality life. Forensic nurses would document the injuries, emotional state, medical history, and victim’s account of assault. Forensic nurses would also ensure that no evidence is destroyed during treatment. To conclude, forensic nurses deal with trauma patients in a three step prevention program.


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