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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:01
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Experimental writing is a road test to literal writing as it goes beyond the normal rules of literal writing. Various experimental writings are difficult to place into various genre groups in that they posses unclear characteristic of both poetic and prose qualities of literal writings. Experimental writings contain various combinations and bits of different literal works that makes it unclear to define and deduce meaning out of the piece of work. The modernity in experimental writing does not give clear meaning to readers but do give them choices to either bother about getting to search for meaning of presented experimental work or abandon the piece of work completely.
The experimental work of Elliot The Dead Teal Sparrow for instance cannot be clearly define or categorized to poetic or prose writing. The meaning of the piece of literature cannot be clear obtained at a glance without introspective inspection of the generality of this work. He plays with what the writer terms as modern games of words. He plays with the voice of words and presents blank deadness for the sake of vitality of originality of his writing. He suggests violence in urbanization instead of making efforts of addressing the peacefulness of rural art. Elliot achieves his goal of by deconstruction of the poem which changes the meaning of the poem altogether. This is clearly logical in the sense that if taking any piece of writing that has substantive meaning and change the wording without minding about its meaning will automatically change the intended meaning of the whole writing.
Parody has the capacity of presenting things as an intended. For instance, taking a very small portion of writing containing insignificant sampling of words to represent a whole will usually present arbitrary meaning of the reality. The writer says that parody can make a metaphor appear a reality.

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