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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:15
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While growing up, everyone has a vision and a dream of what they would love to be identified with as their profession. I have not been left out in the dream as well as I have always admired the nursing profession since I was a little child. The desire to become a nurse still burns in me and I believe I will achieve my dream of the same and aspire to greater heights in the profession.

I have always wanted to do something that really will influence a lot of people in a very dire need of my service, services that may not matter a whole lot to other people. I am positive that I am not after seeking recognition in any way but be assured that my presence and the job that I do matters to many people and influence so many lives around me. My aim is to be a good nurse as such I always wants to be part of a challenging task that will surely stretch me beyond my limits. Though I was at first terrified as to whether I want to join the profession, I am now positive that nursing is the right place for me after being able to be part of the nursing profession in high school.

Likewise, I want to be useful to the elderly to enable them retain their dignified life even in their later years. This as well will help me create awareness among the kids on the importance of taking care of the elderly and such make them little frightened about hospitals. I am also sure that I am very attentive to details as such I will be able to learn more about the nursing profession and in return explain the useful procedures to the interested people so we can help wider community as those volunteering to learn about the profession would also develop interest on the same. I love to make people feel better in many different ways that I may have touched their lives in other special ways. I also love to be instrumental to the people including my coworkers in various ways I could possibly learn. Many people yearn for something they identify with as a carrier and nursing completely fulfils this requirement. As I might have possibly said, I love doing things that will make a difference in people’s lives in a day to day basis. Therefore nursing on its own would be a fulfilling job to meet my job requirement and satisfy my financial and ego to be fully employed and doing what I love to do. In addition, as a lifetime career, and as we all know, nursing is a challenging career therefore I will be exposed to everything new everyday and as such, I am sure I never get bored of my job.

Nothing feels good like knowing that one is providing a comforting and care work for others who are either desperately in need of it due to the virtue of lack of physical strength due old age or just some form of ailments. I am therefore delighted in such kind of opportunity to be a part of such community of helpers to individuals who needs it most rather than getting involved in some form of work for the sake of money but not for the like of the profession. I believe nursing is the right profession for me and I believe I believe with the involvement in the profession will enable me learn a lot and save as well as help many individuals.

With the aim of assisting many people, I believe the profession will provide me with the opportunity to satisfy this dream. Nursing involves being there for many of the patients with various needs by providing kind words and tender care to them and being their during most meaningful moments to them that includes during the special times of deliveries of new babies and even during the death of their loved ones. This mean a whole lot to the affected victims as well as their families. In conclusion therefore, profession is something built on and it comes from an individual’s passion about what the6y want to be part of. As such, I feel my choice on nursing with not only be a self enriching profession but it will be a professional choice to inspire, influence and assist many other people I come across in the profession. As such I am excited to take the mantle forward and be a part of this great discovery in a profession that I have prepared myself for both physically and emotionally to combat all the challenges that might come my way especially after being able to work at this profession in my high school.

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