Example Of What Is The Likely Cause Of Csds Problems Course Work

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:48
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CSD’s problems started after they appointed Tom as a manager. This is because Tom did not fit the position of a manager. His candidature was boosted by the fact that he was a natural candidate but the human resource manager never looked into other qualities before awarding him the job. The manager had problems of providing feedback to the employees under him therefore there was no proper co-ordination in delegation of duties. Tom also had a difficulty in relating with his employees and ensuring that they worked hard to meet deadlines. The manager set his goals and targets but he never took a step to set goals to the entire department and this affected the performance of the company.

The company also lacked morale in undertaking duties that they were supposed to do. This led to a low motivation amongst employees and the performance rates declined. After the company realized that Tom could not perform to his best, they decided not to replace him as it could destroy the good image of the company. This was part of the problems because demoting Tom could have served as a long term solution to the company.
Another problem is that the company lost two of its largest clients since they were comfortable when Tom was at the lower sales associate level. His promotion meant that they could not freely contact him and they lost confidence with Bio glass Company.

How might CSD, and Bioglass more generally, make a better promotion decision in the future? Be specific

Bioglass should consider one’s ability before making any promotion. Promoting employees basing your rationale on the amount t of salary they earn may not be effective as such employees may be performing excellently in their current positions but are not ready for greater responsibilities which are beyond their abilities. Biogas should conduct a thorough consultation exercise to analyze individuals and ascertain their readiness for promotion.
Alternatively, CSD need to consider ones experience and academic qualifications before granting them promotion. Promoting employees who lack the required academic qualifications to fit in a position will be costly to Bioglass and such costs can be averted if their qualifications and experience are taken into consideration during promotions.

The effect of promotions on customer base and the overall performance of the organization should be predetermined prior to effecting promotions. If Bioglass intends to make better promotional decision, they have to pertake this when promoting employees.
Bioglass should make promotional decisions after considering how effective the individual will be in the new position and their ability to guide other member or colleagues in the new department. This will avoid promoting an individual who might ruin the image of an organization by poorly relating to their colleagues.
In general, what role should performance appraisals play in internal selection decisions? Are there some cases in which they are more relevant than others?

Explain Performance appraisal must put into consideration how an individual is currently performing in his position in line with the organization objects. The role of performance appraisal is to ensure that an individual is performing his current duties to his best. The evaluator must stay away from being impressed by the individual work habits, but be attracted to the way the job is done. Performance appraisal should therefore come out with a clear procedure to pick the best candidate who will fit in the position advertised and ensure that the company performance is boosted in high levels.

Performance appraisals are more relevant in cases where the supervisor provides the employees with an accurate and frank feedback on their performance and on the right time. It should also involve a clear reason of conducting the appraisal and finally inform the employees on the expected future performance and how to attain it. In the absence of all these, performance appraisal becomes irrelevant and just a wasteful exercise.

What are the ethical implications of dealing with internal job candidates?

When dealing with internal job candidates, a negotiator is not only doing so to reach an agreement between two or more candidates. However the aim is to create an agreement that is durable and which brings up positive outcomes of a situation that might affect everyone’s best interests. The ethical implications affect every aspect of the business, thereby causing internal problems related to performance, productivity, job satisfaction, credibility and the image of the business. When recruiting internal job candidates, personal data eligibility and applicant qualifications of every candidate must accompanied with the candidate himself.

The candidate should be informed his or her responsibilities and duties related to position him or she is filling. These, therefore will not affect or have any negative outcomes to the business. The employers must watch out for the candidates who lie or forge their application qualifications. Since the outcomes will always negative, for instance the image of the business will be severely tarnished once an employee’s lie is discovered. The employee who lied has credibility issues, but also the business suffer as well as sometimes more extensively than the employee. Due to the diligence of the employers, the human resources department should deal with such people.

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