Example Of What Are Your Career Aspirations And Why Is The Master Of Science In Finance The Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:23
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An M.S. in Finance from Johns Hopkins University would open up many career opportunities. The training in management, business, and mathematics it provides serves many professions, and is applicable in commerce, insurance, and government jobs. The enormous amount of flexibility of the degree enables the holder to branch out and discover areas beyond their immediate expertise, and in turn expand the scope of enterprise and discover novel solutions to old problems.
My initial goals are modest, insofar as my first step will be to seek a position as an analyst in asset management. Asset management would allow me to apply the skills that I have learned in my undergraduate studies with the education I receive at Carey. The broad-based interactions that will occur during my master’s studies will expose me to many fields that will serve me well as I collaborate with the diverse groups involved in asset management. Portfolio managers, bankers, advisors, investment specialists, and traders will just be some of the professionals with whom I’ll be required to cooperate with. The global focus at Johns Hopkins will expose me to the diverse nationalities of the students, and consequently provide me with insight that will serve my clients as they seek to maximize their investment returns.
My ultimate goal is to be a portfolio manager in a large investment company. As a portfolio manager I will be responsible for making investment decisions regarding other peoples hard earned money. The position is one of high responsibility, which my training will prepare me for. As a portfolio manager I will be presented with the work of analysts and I will be required to make fast investment decisions while keeping the state of the industry, economy, and markets in mind. An education at Carey will further provide me with the broad background that will be required to analyze the business environment. The business foundation, functional core, and elective courses will position me to use the latest finance techniques in support of my objective of maximizing investor returns.
The level of education, and the diversity in both course work and student body at Carey is unparalleled at other institutions. In both my short and long term goals, I will leverage the education and contacts that I form to maximize my personal productivity. In turn, this will allow me to maximize investment opportunity for the firm and clients alike. Furthermore, I will be expose to new enterprises with novel ideas and my position will enable me to advance new technologies as they are brought from the idea stage to the practical stage. In the field of finance, it is very easy to get lost in the goal of ‘making money.’ However, another goal of finance is to make new technologies available by providing and ensuring that the money required to support novel ideas is available. Thus, my education at your institution and my future employment will allow me to serve a broader humanitarian cause of encouraging new developments in many field of activity.

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